assured 4 times return in 24 months: Bollywood

by gaurav sharma

My last two productions were small budget Bollywood films which earned huge profits more than expected so this time i am producing a big budget Bollywood film.. but in terms of investment that would be a mere 331,837.30 USD with at least 4 times profit.
Some interesting facts (source- DIBD International Business Development/bollywood)
Reliance Big Entertainment has signed a deal worth US$ 1.2 billion with Steven Spielberg’s ‘Dream Works SKG’ to produce 36 films for the next 6 years
Reliance also acquired around 200 theatres in 28 locations in North America to screen Bollywood and other regional movies from India.
Walt Disney has invested around US$ 324 million in a deal with Yash Raj Films
Well this is it about the cream of Bollywood business. Bollywood that has represented India on global map like never before, bollywood that comprises of dreams and passion of millions of people. So low budget, intelligent marketing and good content are need of the hour.. So that's how things work here in India and that's the reason that recently several Hollywood studios like Fox Star, Viacom, Walt Disney have produced films not only in Bollywood but in regional languages in India also..So any such foreign investors who are interested can contact me at

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