Assured 25% returns. Web designing, software development, web hosting company looking for investors

by Antony
(Bangalore, India)

Web designing, software development, web hosting company looking for investors $500,000 assured 25% returns and a position in top level management team.

A Top Hosting Company with expertise in Data center service, Website Designing, software development, SEO, SMO and online marketing is looking for investor with a business plan of selling over 10,000,000 at $1 per month web hosting packages to Indian and Asian market is now seeking investment of $500,000.

The innovative package which the company would be launching in two different platforms, Windows and Linux, details are below mentioned:

Web space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Email ID space: Unlimited
Database: Unlimited
Domain Hosting: 1
Price: $1 per month

Company also is currently selling Website designing at the lowest cost of below $2 per page. There is a huge demand in the market for the same and the are orders are overwhelming. Company is also taking bulk orders to generate higher revenue simultaneously.

The company with which the operation would start in the Asian market is from the USA. The company was originated in the year 2000. With more than a decade's experience and in-depth hosting knowledge the company has for the up-coming boom in the hosting market would like to share its vision of providing online presence to all with hot selling hosting package is assured to capture the market. According to surveys available online, there is a huge demand for online presence in the Asian countries in this year and the years to come. Company is confident in capturing majority of this share since the company has its tentacles spread across in 90% of the Asian countries for over a decade.

The company also has vast knowledge in operations, human resources, marketing, datacenter services, technical, sales etc which will provide a stronghold in the Asian market and generate more sales in India since the main focus would be on the Indian market. Research shows that India has the 3rd largest number of internet users in the world and pretty soon many of these internet users will have their own website created and hence we would be playing a vital role in reaping the majority share in the market with a cutting edge technology and low cost hosting package which is affordable by all. With over 200 plus employees working round the clock to assist the customers to have a better online experience it is more realistic in achieving the number of hosting set by the company at ease. Company is targeting a huge market in India as well as other parts of Asia. In India alone the company is targeting at 10,000,000 domains to be hosted as there is a high level of demand arising from the Indian market alone.

Company also has an award winning technical team to support the customers, and to handle the package activation and billing cutting edge technology would be used for automation with various help files that are easy for customers to understand and use if required. Since the company has been in the hosting business for over a decade, company possesses extensive knowledge in staffing and managing of employees. Company also has its own data center located in St. Louis,Missouri USA which provides freedom and in-dependency to provide and manufacture any type of hosting packages without depending on other resources. Company also possesses server admin staffs who are Microsoft and Sun certified and can resolve any issues within a short span of time. Various monitoring software have been installed and executed in the data center to identify, escalate and trouble shoot issues without hampering.

We believe that the boom in the Indian and Asian hosting market along with the experience and expertise that the company possesses it would
be a win, win situation for both the company and the investor for making maximum benefits and create a revolution in the hosting industry.

We look forward to do business with you.

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