by Garth Watson

"Changing the way we grow food"

AquaFresca Organics, Canada is the company that will carry out the commercialization of patented greenhouse & patent-pending aquaponic technology systems and processes. With the required investment of $20,000,000 USD the ten-year business plan for the roll-out of production facilities, through a TURN-KEY franchise program, will be underway.

“Aquaponics is a self-regulated, sustainable food production system utilizing mechanisms similar to the mechanisms existing in natural ecosystems”. It is the merger of aquaculture & hydroponics technology that achieves multiple crops from one facility using a small amount of water in comparison with other growing practices. The technology uses nutrient rich water from the aquaculture tank that is re-circulated through an “Aquaponic” closed-loop system.

The production of organic produce and toxin free fish is highly profitable using our technology and processes. Aquaponic food production is a recession proof business and our program maximizes crop yield on every acre we bring into production using the most non-arable and non-productive lands.

The under-satisfied demand for locally grown organic foods is a growing market driven by public concerns over imported foods, seafood & produce alike. This places AquaFresca in a solid position to take advantage of the markets, rapidly expanding and increasing its market share and profits for the stakeholders.

Researchers, scientists and governments the world over are searching for new methods to increase food production. Aquaponics is a highly efficient, market acceptable method of addressing the food crisis at the same time as solving industry and environmental concerns while creating sustainable employment wherever the system is establsihed.

AquaFresca is in a position to deploy the patented and patent-pending technology to lower the financial barriers to market entry. It has the ability to provide managerial, market, operational and educational support for new growers. The company will be the market leader in the commercialization of Aquaponics Technology.

World-wide food production cannot keep pace with the growing demand which seemingly can never be satisfied due an increasing world population.

USE OF FUNDS - The company will capitalize this franchise commercialization business plan with an Equity Investment - $20,000,000 USD

PROJECTED ANNUAL EBITDA PROFIT - Year 5 > $10,000,000 - Year 10 > $50,000,000

To participate in this business contact: Garth Watson
Canada: 604.229.2147 - Email:

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