Aquaculture venture in New Zealand

by Mark Roberts
(Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand)

We're seeking USD 4,000,000 to start up an aquaculture venture in New Zealand. We intend to convert a 16 acre lifestyle block into an aquaponics farm, growing white amur (grass carp), which is a good tasting fish. White amur are a hardy fish and disease-free in New Zealand. There is a large demand in some countries for fresh fish as the oceans are getting fished out.
We intend to export almost all of our fish. A fish processor and exporter nearby is keen to process our fish.

We expect to have: $1.85 million in sales and profits of $593,000 in our first year of production,
$4.16 million in sales and profits of $1.49 million in our second year of production, and
$5.54 million in sales and profits of $2.03 million in our third year of production.

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