Breath Apparel LLC is located in New York City. We seek a first round investment of 1,000,000 to cover initial start up cost and operating costs. We are open to various investment structures. The Breath label will have two divisions.
The first being the licensing division for a major global brand, Breath Apparel will produce a wide variety of products that will consist of a lingerie and stockings line, a tee shirt line with the brands cover art, , a lounge wear line, a fragrance and accessories line.
The second division of Breath Apparel will be a mass market to moderate clothing line targeting kids, ladies, men and plus sizes.

Licensing Division:

Breath Apparel has been approved for the license of a major global brand to produce a wide variety of products under the global brand label. Breath Apparel has been discussing design strategy for the products with the brands executive management team. A letter of intent can be provided with executive summary.
Breath Apparel has already presented the product design and company strategy for the brand and the products and product line was approved by the brand group. A letter of approval would also be attached to the subsequent investor proposal.
Breath Apparel is confident to project gross sales of $2-4 million for the first fiscal year and an annual sales growth of 25 – 50 % for the following 2 years. The term of the licensing deal is yet to be determined once Breath Apparel receives the proper funding to begin production.

Moderate and Mass Market Division:

Breath Apparel’s 2nd division will be a clothing line that will have a wide target market range from mid-tier sportswear to mass-market budget products. All products will be very reasonably priced. Breath will target stores such as J.C Penny, Kohl’s, K&G, Target, Mervyn’s, Dillard’s for the mid-tier products. The mass-market budget lines will be targeted to retailers such as “Dollar General”, Kmart, QVC, HSN, and budget outlets for the mass-market products.
The designers and management team are leaders in the apparel industry with over 25 years combined experience. I Omar Yapor and the other designer are currently working with these accounts and designing the product to be produced. The situation as it stands now is that after we design the product, we hand over the designs to a third party company for production. We are looking for an investment so we can design and produce the garments ourselves without involving a third party company that obtains all the substantial profits from production.
The key factor to the success of this venture is I along with the design/management team bringing with us an established client base with verbal commitments for purchases from our accounts and buyers which will enable gross sales of 6 million dollars in our first fiscal year of operation.
Our industry contacts as well as our established network in East Asia and India of suppliers, production and distribution (letters of commitment from our production and suppliers can be submitted with the subsequent investor package) will ensure a smooth operation and enable a quick turn-around time in order to obtain reorders of existing or new product lines. Business Plan, IRR Calculations, Use of proceeds and all documentation is available.
Please email me at the email below if this is the type of project you can help obtain funding for. I will then send you my Executive summary and all supporting documentation.

Contact Omar Yapor

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