Angel or Venture Finance required for Innovative Multi Billion Dollar Project.

by Shekhar



ATM Credit / Debit Cards On Line Transactions Hackers Cloners and Scammers

I have an innovative fool proof method of protecting net-banking/Plastic-card/ATM transactions from hacking, cloning or even spy-cookies. Works on ATM Smartphones and internet. Need finance of approx $10MM at 10% business partnership to patent, launch worldwide access protection cloud company including acquisitions takeover, etc. Multi billion Dollar business prospects. Please read the executive summary. Interested angel or venture capitalists pl contact

Today there are several credit card frauds and the scammers are moving technologically one step ahead of the protectors. Till date the thrust has been on encrypting the data and it was simple for the hackers and cloners to concentrate on the breaking of encryption codes and there are software packages available to break the encryption and algorithms.

I have made an invention that defeats the hackers, cloners and hackers in-limine. This is a simple invention of protecting credit/debit/ATM cards, online/phone transactions, etc. It is yet to be protected with patent and as such more details cannot be divulged in this document.

The credit card industry in totality is valued at about $774 Billion, where U.S. Co-Branded Credit Card operators are involved. There is an average 15 to 45 pc increase year over year in credit card revenues and profits.

The proposed company will provide back office services to the credit/debit/ATM card companies so as to protect the security at very high standards. There are about 200 Million card holders in United States alone. Total about 2 Billion card accounts are expected to be operating worldwide.

With such a gigantic market open to scams, hacks and clones an effective security solution is going to be winner. Expecting approx 1% of global market share in the card industry and revenue of $1 per account the revenue of the company is expected to be $ 200 million per month. Accounting for Marketing, servers, network expenditure and software development a decent profit of 50% is seen in the viability report.

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