An Integrated Zinc Die Cast & Surface Finishing Company Seeking Business Growth Funds

by Augustine Philip

“ Small businesses are the key to economic growth”
In Malaysia, there are quite a few companies involved in Zinc Die-Casting, with most only providing die-casting, leaving the customers to look for vendors involved in the secondary processes. Some of the die-casters, without understanding the finishing requirements, tend to use inferior materials in their production. Hence, quality issues arise, leaving the customers in the lurch. Over the years we have found that this is a key area of LOST OPPORTUNITIES.

We are a proven zinc die casting manufacturer that helps eliminate this problem in the market. We help our clients accomplish all their goals. We create solutions for an unlimited number of applications in all major industries. Examples of our zinc die castings include lock components, appliance handles, sanitary ware, connectors, functional and decorative parts and more. We specialize in highly cosmetic and complex, difficult-to-fill parts. We also specialize in flash-free, net-shape production and we ensure that the zinc die cast components meets the exact design specifications of our clients — on time and within budget.

To be the leading Tier 1 Vendor to Multi-National OEM’s for the die
cast manufacture and innovative surface finishing components

Since 2013 we have moved to a land size of 25,500 sq feet ,integrated the manufacturing operations as A ONE STOP CENTRE.

We are now seeking funds,fund size range from USD 1 Mil to 2 Mil.

Contact us through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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