"America's Untold Story"- The Fight for Freedom

WJEJ Productions, LLC. From 12 Years a Slave to Selma to Obama, “America’s Untold Story” Fight for Freedom syndicated television weekly series

With the commercial success of Academy Award Winner motion picture “12 Years a Slave”,The successful produce motion picture “the Butler” and the release Opera Winfrey production of “Selma” and the coming release of the drama “King” and NBC television network’s airing of it’s mini-series “The Underground Railroad” the successful historical African American drama
mini-series “Roots”, African American historical dramas are becoming a hot item. WJEJ Productions has a weekly one hour television series title “America’s Untold Story”, the Fight for Freedom for national television syndication. The-series “Fight for Freedom” is a drama, adventure and a
first television weekly series that focuses on the African Americans story and the African Americans Civil Rights Movement in America, during the 20th century. The program series begin in the year 1900, run thru the year 2000.

The weekly series title “America’s Untold Story” the Fight for Freedom will be composed of a one hour weekly historical program series. Coming on the heels of 12 Years a slave, another movie Selma, took us back down the memory lane of a recent past. We are barely two generation removed from the daily humiliation of institutional racism. The lesson we learn from the two movies is not how far America has come in exorcising its racial evil, but the institutional racism its Black citizens still suffer. Some would want us
to focus on the progress made, not on the continued breach of America’s allegiance to racial equality and justice. The needle on the measurement scale of racial injustice has undoubtedly moved down progressively, but that is not the issue. The issue is that institutional racism in America is still tolerated, if not perpetuated by its own government in 2015. The intergenerational evil continues to flow uninterrupted from slavery to Jim Crow and from Selma to Obama.

The program “America’s Untold Story” will be presented in a weekly format, one hour in length. This program series is a drama, adventure, mystery and full with suspense. There is nothing like this ground breaking drama adventure historical series. The reality is “Fight for Freedom” still continue, even today in the 21st century America.

The program has advertiser (clients) who have expressed interest in the program once it is on the air. The company has a distribution company who will distribute the program in 85% of US television households. Estimated gross (revenue) for the first year is one hundred fifty million dollars.
The company is looking for an investor or investors for an investment for part ownership in the program. P O Box 12790, Baltimore, Md. 21217. E-mail Daadamaa607@gmail.com We seek only serious inquires.
John Jackson
WJEJ Productions, LLC

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