Agro Forestry and Fish Farming in korogwe

by aggrey sawaya

Name of proposal - Agro forestry and fish farming

Name of Implementing - Exact Solutions Company limited

Contact Address - P.O. Box 1969
Shanty town

Tel +255713711164

Contact Persons - Mr.Aggrey sawaya

Location of Project korogwe Tanga

Project Beneficiaries - korogwe villagers

Duration of Project - Five (5) year.

Date of Commencement - 2015

Date of Completion - 2020

Fund Request - $ 20,000


This project aim to increasing food production in korogwe as well as practice agro forestry and fish farming. The major problem faced by the project and which it will try to address is the lack of the most appropriate agriculture inputs to restart normal production activities. Funds used for

• Buying pump
• Drip irrigation system
• Establishing a small research center
• Planting wood trees
• Researching suitable crops to grow in korogwe
• Practicing agro forestry in korogwe
• Fish farming
• Storage facility


The overall objective of the project is in accordance with the Government Agricultural policy of increasing food production and diversification of the present farming system so as to attain sustainable food security.


• Teach locals about modern farming methods
• Preserve the environment
• Produce organic vegetables, crops and fruits
• Researching suitable crops in the area
• Provide employment to the locals
• Food self sufficient
• Food preservation
• Build fish pond
• Introduce new species of fish in the area


• Ambitious
• self-employed
• irrigation farming
• Fertile land
• Organized
• First company in the area


• Capital
• Lack of support


• Other competitors
• Pests and diseases
• Environmental disasters e.g. wind and hurricanes

• Establish First research center in the area
• Provide education about modern farming
• Provide employment to the locals
• Establishing the first fish farming in the area
• Provide food to the community
• Introduce new crops and fish species

Market for the product

• Local community
• Neighboring cities
• Neighboring countries

Crops to be farmed

• Watermelons
• Onion
• Carrots
• Green peppers


Land ownership (12 acres)

Future goal

Expand the business
Introduce aquaponics to the country
Introduce new crops to the area


The project is soliciting assistance for a period of 5 years. There after it will be in position to finance its operation from the revolving fund that will be established.


The direct project beneficiaries would be the project members and their household members from the project village. A total of 20 farmers and their families would benefit directly as follows:


The project will operates a communal farm at the project headquarters at the same time distribute available inputs to the project beneficiaries. These inputs will be recovered and recycle to other beneficiaries until all project members are being serviced.


The major problem faced by the project and which the project will try to address is the lack of the most appropriate agricultural input to restart normal production activities. These inputs include farm equipment, seeds, planting materials, irrigation material and fish pond. Lack of the capacity to provide agricultural support services. The neglect of the women in development activities.


The project beneficiaries had participated in the identification and planning of the project. Since the project deals with their economics well-being. During the implementation of the project, beneficiaries would contribute the:

- Unskilled labor
- Local materials (sticks, stones, sand etc.)
- construction of fish pond


The under mentioned strategies will be carried out to achieve the set objectives:

- Community mobilization and sensitization for the further understanding of the project.
- Training of villagers on the planning, implementation, monitoring and management of especially agricultural project.
- Registration of targeted beneficiaries.
- Purchase and distribution of viable seeds.
- Provision of food for work to assist the farm families in the hunger period and protect the seeds from been eaten.
- Purchase and distribution of trees.
- Supervision, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of project activities.


It is expected that with the provision of finds, the project will be able to achieve its objectives. The maintenance of the project will enhance by two (2) types of account that will be established. In addition to these, the resurrect expenditure would be met from the revolving fund, after termination of donor fund this will enhance the project continuation after donor funding is terminated.


The depletion of the forest and tree crop, due to demands for fuel wood and timber activities has increased run off and soil erosion especially on derived watersheds leading to loss of soil nutrients, situation of waterways and damaged to fisheries.
The Project when fully implement will try to embark on activities that will conserve the environment.


Women produce 60% of the food crop requirements and handle the processing of food crops such as rice, cassava and groundnut. In addition, women are responsible for food preparation, childcare, and house management, which influence their time and energy for agricultural activities.

Institutional involvement of women in the project area development is very minimal. There is the need to integrate them into mainstream development, which requires an expansion of the scope for knowledge and skills. There are many areas where women development programmed with varying objectives can be implemented such as this project.


This project when fully implemented will serve as a model/ pilot project, which will be replicated in other areas around korogwe.


The project members and community are responsible for monitoring project implementation and made necessary recommendations at general and executive meetings for effectives decision-making. Observations, field visit and group discussions will form part of the participatory monitoring methodology.

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