by Tamsanqa Moses Jawula
(Republic of South Africa)

Our Hope Our Future enterprise Pty Ltd is a newly established organization and it was formed in 2012 and the reason behind its establishment was economic growth in the rural areas of Eastern Cape South Africa.We formed this organization as three partners . We were touched by the number of unemployment and the highest rate of poverty in our Province ,our country and the continent as whole then we came to this conclusion of forming this organization . We want to purchase a 731ha of land whereby we will practice farming activities like 10 hacters will be for growing of vegetables like cabbages , 5 hacters will be our tunnels for tomatoes and green paper ,and 70 hacters will be for growing of grain ,like maize and soyabeans and the rest not least will be for stock farming like cattle ,sheep and goats .We will also have piggery and poultry.

We are targeting youth , women and unemployed men and we want to start with 50 individuals for construction purposes and 25 people will be on permanent bases because of the activities that will be taking place on the farm.We will train our people on different types of skills ,like management , administration , and others.

We are looking both grant and payable amount. The grant we are looking for is $450 000.00 total amount is $875 000.00 if we can.

I am looking forward to hear from you as soon you are available .I can be contacted by email , fax or Mobile which are as follows: , fax:0866565979 ,+27796742064.

Kindly Regards

Moses Jawula

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