agressive start up trucking company with 1 billion ROI in 5 years

by Curtis Secrest
(Little Rock Arkansas )

CLS Transport a equal opportunity employer is a startup company, our primary focus will be on a 7 billion dollar market in long haul refrigerated and time sensitive freight, CLS Transport an Arkansas based company. Will serve businesses nationwide with freight hauling and logistics and  management services. CLS Transport will develop a reputation for its on-time and accurate service as well as sophisticated Web and software functionality CLS Transport will be a LLC to protect our personal assets and our investing partners, when the legal obligations are met we will incorporate, we will be a private company. CLS Transport will be managed by Curtis Secrest Owner, Jeremy Majors as our company's Operations manager, Tom Schmidt as our consultant, Joey Cane as our Manager of safety and Chris Nate as our Manager of training.
CLS Transport can be launched with a one time initial investment of 40 million dollars by our investing partners. CLS Transport will be launched with 250 18-wheeler trucks/trailers and will expand its operations to utilize 6000 18-wheelers by the end of its sixth year, With this very aggressive approach we will be able to meet our financial obligations with a very healthy yearly return to our investing partners.
With this aggressive approach we will keep our trucks filled with a very low turn over rate. With the National average of $2.15 per mile we will keep $1.60 per mile per truck. In 5 years CLS Transport will Net 187 million dollars in revenues with a monthly ROI of 40 million dollars to our investing partner, ( refer to profit and loss spreadsheet ).
With the driver shortage our compitition is scrambling to hire qualified drivers paying them 40,000.00 a year with a 2500.00 dollar sign on bonus. While these drivers struggle to support their families. Let's step out of the box and change that, let's hire those same qualified drivers at 73,000.00 (based on 6000 miles a week if they as a team drive 7000 miles a week their pay will increase to 83.000.00 a year, and a higher profit for CLS Transport ) at the end of the year let's give our drivers a 2500.00 dollar bonus for being legal and safe.
Tom, Joey, Chris, Jeremy and myself will develop and initiate an above average training and safety program, We will hold our drivers to the highest degree of accountability.
Within the first year CLS Transport will buy 150 acres to build our cooperate headquarters a state of the art training/campus, maintenance facility with a restaurant modeled after the Golden Corral concept, fresh home made meals made daily. it will benefit our drivers and our salaried office employee's, as we will be operating 24/7, we will also be open to the public for additional profit.
Beyond three years, CLS Transport will open up additional terminals in Laredo texas, Iowa and California, training of new students will start at our corporate offices in Arkansas. Within the first three years it's critical we hire experienced drivers.
Thank you
Curtis Secrest
CLS Transport

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