African Rain seeks finance for properly structured African based projects yielding high return on investment.

by Kirsten Havenga
(Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)

The African Rain Initiative - “Helping Africa reach its true potential through sustainable development and profitable business.”

The African Rain Initiative - “Helping Africa reach its true potential through sustainable development and profitable business.”

African Rain is an initiative by ActiV Capital. ActiV Capital has been doing business in Africa for over 10 years. We have seen first hand the amazing opportunities that Africa presents the entrepreneurial mind but have also been exposed to many challenges and difficulties. It is seldom easy doing business in Africa. Seemingly well-structured, well thought out projects fail regularly due to fraud, corruption and other challenges and pitfalls.

Africa finds itself in a predicament in that it desperately needs to grow and develop and there are all the opportunities to do so and yet it remains largely stagnant. Foreign investors withhold their funds because they can't guarantee that they will reach their desired destination. Trillions of dollars have been pumped into Africa and yet never seem to reach its mark. Money disappears into back pockets and private Swiss bank accounts of the mega rich leaving the poor even poorer.

And so the African Rain Initiative was born. African Rain is a FOR PROFIT ORGANISATION. We do not believe in handouts and believe that the way forward for Africa is through sustainable and responsible development through profitable business. We have lived, worked and travelled in Africa for decades and have seen first-hand the great need to develop long-term, sustainable growth solutions for Africa and its people. The African Rain Initiative hopes to tackle some of these issues through the implementation of mutually beneficial and profitable investment and development strategies.

African Rain also acts as an intermediary to projects and investors to ensure all the projects we tackle have a beneficial outcome for all the parties concerned.

Our mission is the creation of a business platform where African projects of excellence are matched with appropriate capital and execution skills such that the outcome is beneficial to the host country and people and profitable to the project promoters, implementers and capital providers.

African Rain wishes to generate above average returns for itself, its partners and stakeholders employing a profitable, responsible and sustainable model. We believe that the unilateral provision of aid model has been comprehensively discredited as a sustainable means of upliftment in Africa.

The “Aid model” generally leaves the country poorer by enriching the wrong people, stifling self-initiative and encouraging a dependent mentality. Conversely our model provides a viable alternative without compromising our profit motive. Consequently African Rain is focused on projects that are capable of making a profit for itself, its project promoters and investors
whilst being of on-going value to the host country and encouraging local participation and sustainability.

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