A quite lucrative investment opportunity... a technology that uses AIR to generate electricity!

by Jan Marie
(Seattle, WA USA)

An investment opportunity in a quite lucrative green technology that will go global and help to save our environment! Ambient air is compressed in a reactor at rapid speeds and used as a catalyst to harness the mechanical, electrical, wind, and pneumatic energies within the system to generate electricity in quantities for a wide range of commercial and residential, marine, aviation, and automotive uses.
Since air is abundant, unlimited, and perpetual, the equipment can operate efficiently 24 hours a day indefinitely anywhere in the world. It does not need the sun, wind, or waste. Uses no fossil fuels, it leaves no carbon footprint, and releases no emissions that contribute to global warming,
As a pricing example, a 1 MW reactor will cost about US $2 million including shipping, installation, and 5 year's maintenance. Varying sizes up to the size of a train box car. An international hotel developer will even be installing this technology in his unique luxurious floating resort/conference centers in SE Asia.
This technology is seeking funding for more manufacturing sites to keep up with the global purchase orders that are flowing in for the reactors. One group is investing US $50 million for four plants and US $50 million for working capital. Power Purchase Agreements are in process totaling 4000 MWs a year from three State Governments in SE Asia, with PPAs following from a large corporation for 9000 MWs!
***We arrange for serious investors to talk directly with the project head to have all questions answered and to receive necessary documents including the business plan, engineering reports, and the quite informative website. This email is used as a teaser to determine if this is the type of project, geographical location, and range of monies needed that are interesting to you or your associates
The billions of dollars saved by no longer needing to import oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, and other expensive energy products can be re-invested into each country's economy, which would lead to exponential acceleration of national wealth..
Let us know how we can work together to make this a better world.
Please send your inquiries to Marc@Business-Funding-Insider.com

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by: Domingo González Martín

This technology is patented in Spain with the reference:
Its inventor is
Domingo González Martín

by: Suresh Kumar

We are a global owner & developer of renewable energy projects. In last 3 years, company has invested over US$ 250 million. We are interested to invest in this technology including setting-up first such project in India. Contact through the 'Contact Us' page on this site.

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