A platform to improve the quality of movies (by telling us what YOU want to see) and make the production and marketing of movies more efficient and profitable

by Louis Menchise
(Bronx, New York)

BetterFlicks.com asks its visitors to divulge what types of films they prefer as well as what kind of content they wish to see in films. It also collects and provides demographic, economic, sociologic/anthropologic data of the movie-going public through specific questions, and by utilizing embedded cookies within each page of the website.

Having advanced knowledge on what potential viewers wish to see in movies would be ideal for those involved in the making of films. BetterFlicks.com aims to display this information at absolutely no cost. If this information is utilized by the motion picture industry, there would be increases in movie ticket, DVD/Blu-Ray (eventually available on BetterFlicks.com,) movie rental, and pay-per-view sales. There would be more individuals in theaters to view pre-feature advertising and purchase concession items – the two most profitable sources of income for exhibition companies.

Given its projected amount of visitors, outside entities would want to enter affiliate marketing agreements with, and advertise on BetterFlicks.com. There is lucrative market for the demographic, economic, sociologic/anthropologic data of groups of individuals. With respect to the moviegoing public, BetterFlicks.com will be an excellent source for such data.

To be able to leave responses, visitors are asked to join a free membership. For their part, visitors are drawn to the website given the satisfaction and empowerment of knowing their responses will be read and considered by those who make films. The site is host to a forum for members. Eventually, we plan to co-sponsor discounts for movie tickets with exhibition companies.

At present BetterFlicks.com does not charge for its information, and its business model does not contemplate it doing so. Rather, it will be a hub destination website which provides valuable information to filmmakers, and which draws viewers for the reasons described herein. As a result, it would be able to generate revenue by:

1. Monetizing the demographic, economic, and sociologic/anthropologic information it
garners regarding its viewers;
2. Selling specialized research and data, upon request;
3. Working with exhibitors to co-sponsor discounts for movie tickets in order to
increase attendance at films, with BetterFlicks.com earning fees or sharing
revenues. Exhibitors’ profits are primarily derived from concessions and pre-
feature advertising. Thus, it would be in an exhibitor’s interest to offer
discounted tickets in order to increase their net profits;
4. Enter into affiliate marketing agreements with exhibitors and other film related
websites whereby BetterFlicks.com would be paid for driving viewer traffic to such
5. Selling advertising;
6. Ultimately selling Blu-Rays/DVDs and other products via the website.

Find us on Angellist here: https://angel.co/betterflicks-com-gileo-productions

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