A new composite Aircraft in the making

by Frikkie Kleynhans
(Pretoria, South Africa)

We need 7 investors to invest $ 30 000.00 each in this Aircraft Manufacturing company. One investor to invest $ 210 000.00 will also work. These funds will allow us to build the prototype Gem Aircraft.

We have done all the R&D. All our aeronautical engineers approvals are in place. The South African Civil Aviation Authority has approved this project and issued us a build certificate.

We have designed this flight training aircraft to replace the aging training aircraft worldwide. 90% of flight training aircraft in the world are 40 years and older, and needs to be replaced in the very near future. With the shortcomings of current training aircraft in mind, GEM designed a truly modern General Aviation training aircraft. This aircraft can be used in the private sector as a ideal business aircraft between cities.

In the global General Aviation (GA) market, there exists an opportunity to introduce a modern trainer aircraft that incorporates the latest technology intrinsic to the industry and which is specifically designed for performance and low life cycle costs, and to make flying affordable again.

GEM Aircraft is a new designed aircraft to be produced in a new business which offers an opportunity for investors to take advantage of the potential growth and profit that may arise in the future.

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