A great opportunity in Machakos County, Kenya

by Mary Mbuve
(Machakos, Kenya)

Machakos County is in the lower eastern parts of Kenya and the area experiences drought because rains are unreliable for farming. Due to this there is massive food insecurity, poor nutrition and poverty which affect most of the community here.
KelMar Food Enterprises seeks funding to solve these issues by setting set up an Aquaponics farm that will integrate fruits, vegetables and fish farming together. The venture will among other things achieve the following:
1. Solve Nutrition problems in my community (Protein, vegetables and fruits)
2. Produce organically grown food for healthy eating
3. Create employment in my community
4. Conserve the environment by using less water to farm without the use of soil, chemicals and utilization of small land to farm
5. Transfer the skills to have the same replicated in other areas of the county and Country. The farm can be used as a Demo plot (Training Centre)
Sound research and feasibility study has been done and this has involved people who have good experience with commercial Aquaponic farming here in Kenya. There is a viable market locally and abroad for the organically produced horticultural products as well as the fish. There is a lot of confidence that this venture will grow very fast with lots of potential to soar into a well-established foods company which in future can diversify into value addition (Fish and fruits canning and processing)

The funding required to set up this venture is $50,000 and the company will launch this investment immediately there is availability of funds. The funding will go a long way in ensuring that this venture is a success and the interested investor can be assured of a good ROI within a reasonable time frame. 

In Kenya, Aquoponics is a relatively new technology in farming and those who will venture into it now will have a competitive advantage. Organically farmed products are increasing being sought after; therefore a sustainable market is assured. This venture can be expanded to whatever scale depended on the market and funds availability.

The funding will be used to build green houses, the aquaponic system, organic seeds/seedlings, fingerlings and fish feed until the produce is ready for market. The produce sales will be able to produce and maintain a good cash flow to run and expand the venture. Only one round of financing is required and this venture seeks a passive investor. 

I have worked with an NGO for over 5 years in the agribusiness value chain in many sectors in Kenya and I have seen farmers making good money especially in horticulture. This experience combined with the feasibility study outcome and the passion to become self-employed and to create employment has pushed me into wanting to go into agribusiness full time. 

Interested investor can reach me on my email mmbuve@gmail.com

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This is the future of food security
by: Mary

This venture is my dream venture to solve food insecurity and unemployment. Still looking for an interested investor to launch the venture. If interested please feel free to reach out to me for a JV discussion.

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