A financial project needs Funds/JV‏

by Oshri David

I want to establish an Investment fund that specialized on algo trading .

I have B.A on Financing and Marketing and M.B.A on Strategic Management
from Derby University. I was senior for the last years, managing dozens of
workers as well as managing and controlling multi millions budget.

On the recent years I research and track the Algo-Trading trends and found
out several systems that showed constant high positive yields on the
long term - This is really rare .

After tracking those systems for almost three years , I think that I have
the winning mix that can generate constant high yields with minimum risk.
One of the systems generate an average of 5% per month, for the last 3 years!!!
Even if you reduce the Success fees and taxes, you still get around 2-3% per month, month by month!!!
I can show you the track record for the past years.

Also, there are NO management fees! only a success commissions,
so just if there are positive returns - you pay the commissions.
It's called a WIN-WIN model .

Why the risks management model is so stable and with low correlation?
Because the system can earn profits in Bull market as well as bear market.
There is no matter if the markets go up or down , the system will buy/sell
Long/Short positions by the unique and so advanced algorithm .

I want to establish an investment fund. To have an impact and get some substantial amounts I must start with at least 5 Million USD.
Also , I will need to get a grace period for 6 months, means that I have to start pay the interest after 6 months to able the fund generate the margins to pay the interest.
If you want, we can think about some partnership model but then the principle funds must be doubled of course, so each of us will start with basic fund of 5 Million USD.
I need the loan for 3 (three) years with grace period of 6 (six) months. I have Business plan with all the details related.

I would like to discuss with you about the amounts and the options I have.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely yours,

+(972) 522-777-309
Skype: oshrida

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