A company in its expansion stage looking for an investment of $ 1 million to growing business

by Oleksii Vinogradov
(Ukraine, Kyev)

Our company offers free services of making international calls and sending sms throughout the globe.
Brief stats from Callsfreecalls for the period of April-November 2012 (the initial 8 months since the service launch)
- 161037 users in total, 23691 active users in the recent month
- 917634 calls made by our customers
- 1136888 minutes of customers’ calls
- 160065 text messages (SMS) sent
Client applications for iOS and Android are available, including the website based service.
Contracts are sealed with the largest advertizing CPA networks: Tapjoy, Flurry, CPALead, Blamads, Adworkm, Aarki
Our goal for the coming year (where to invest money):
• to launch our own complete stack of audio-­‐video calls, including P2P and conferencing;
• to elaborate, test in the network and prepare libraries and final solution, including softswitch to deliver HD audio and video for further sale, following the SPIRIT DSP model, www.spiritdsp.com;
• to release and test our own algorithm of adaptive audio and video transmission, supportive for all the existing networks;
• to become an independent player on CPA market;
• to launch CPA and libraries sales departments.

Our team has built a system that can be easily zoomed and adapted for quick customer growth.
We are planning on dominating in the market segment,offering users services for advertisement (CPA model).
We offer the following two exit strategies for our potential partners:
• The sale to one of the key players in the sector of the Internet or Telecom
• A route to the IPO market.

A recent takeover of Yandex.money system has defined the user's price at the moment of sale – 7$. The similar profitability (and considerably lower profit)per user allows estimating the sum of 7$ per user of CallsFreeCalls. These calculations will provide potential profit of 50% from investments already in the 1st year of development, according to estimation and the company's profit.


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