EB5 investors visas offer passage through US immigration

EB5 Investors visas offer passage through US immigration

By Marc Kneepkens

How do investors obtain access to US visas? The answer is by investing money into the American economy.

The EB5 program was created as a win-win to connect investors with an economy interested in increasing jobs.

Immigrants can buy shares in private qualified investments that provide more jobs and contribute to the American economy. Minimum investment? Anywhere from US$ 500,000 to $1 million.

 Security and peace of mind

So yes, money can buy a way into residency in the world’s strongest economy. The perks are access to the American lifestyle and freedom, quality education and medicine, and a stable and safe country.

In a world filled with terrorism and fleeing populations, this option offers a way out of uncertainty. No waiting many years for residency approval and standing in long lines. Priority is given to those who have the means to contribute to the economy.

With an ever growing offering of EB5 investments and attorney offices specialized in immigration laws, finding the best deals is paramount.

Investments tailored to US immigration requirements

High quality projects are qualified by the immigration lawyers and selected based upon job creation potential and investment quality such as return on investment and capital appreciation through equity participation.

Every year 10,000 EB5 applicants are allowed into the USA. 7,000 of those visas come through a Direct Investment Program, the other 3,000 go through the Regional centers.

The applicant can bring his wife and children under 21 of age and needs to prove that the funds were obtained legally. Medical and criminal requirements need to be met. The money needs to be invested in real business ventures where capital is at risk and where 10 American jobs will be created.

Immigrants don’t necessarily need to speak English. They get a temporary visa for 2 years after being approved, a process that usually takes between 6 to 9 months. After 2 years, the situation is reviewed and the temporary visa turned into permanent residency after review if all is positive. A few more years and citizenship is open for application.

All nationals of countries that the US has diplomatic relations with, are allowed to participate in the EB5 program.

No waiting years for residency approval

Once the visa comes through, the investor and his or her family can move to the United States to live and work there. Children up to 21 years of age can accompany the family.

Once US residents, business people can return to their country up to 6 months to conduct business.

Immigration laws are getting tighter all the time in all countries. The minimum amounts applicants have to invest are up for a change by Oct 1 and will most likely go up several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Other expenses such as legal and administration fees need to be included. The law firms will help with the I-526 applications and assist with the whole process.

More information can be found on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website (www.uscis.gov). The initial investment needs to be deposited with the law firm and will be refunded if the application gets denied for any reason.

Find out more about actual EB5 investments

Contact us at www.Business-Funding-Insider.com to find reputable attorney offices and investment programs. We’ll send you a brochure with more specific information.

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