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After having seen a Teaser (quick one paragraph overview) or an Executive Summary (1-2page overview), the interested investor or funding source will ask for your business plan.

This document describes your deal in detail for the financial analyst. It provides an overview of all the points covered in the index. 

It starts with a summary of the funding proposal: How much money is needed, debt or equity, for how long, an indication of the terms needed, etc.

Then  it proceeds to describe the executive team (WHO), the opportunity (WHAT), the location (WHERE), the way the company will provide a solution or will create value (HOW).

It shows the funding source the financial opportunity: what is in it for the investor? What is the ROI/IRR? It provides several financial analyses.

The business plan includes a marketing analysis and a feasibility study.

It paints a clear view of all risk mitigating strategies that will be used to make the investor comfortable putting his money in your deal. Collateral, guarantees (government, bank, insurance) are noted and proven with clear documentation.

The business plan is ESSENTIAL in your request to obtain financing for your company. An idea, a new invention or technology and a detailed description of those will NOT be enough to receive millions of dollars. 


We work with financial analysts in India who will create a very convincing and well documented business plan. The cost of this service is very reasonable. Compared to the business plans that the big four accounting firms create for their clients we charge about 1/10th to 1/20th of their rates. We also know what funding sources require and want to see covered in the business plan. 

Please contact us through our CONTACT US page for a quote to have your documentation created and increase your chances for getting funded exponentially. We can send you a link of a previously created business plan to give you an idea of what our professional services can do for you.


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Due Diligence Services

· Due Diligence Preparation (Sell or Buy side)

Sell Side: You, the one looking for business funding is the 'sell side', you are selling 'equity/shares' to a potential investor

  • Eliminate surprises that can be used by the buyer to lower the sales price
  • Get a fair deal
  • Receive advice from a neutral party
  • Have all of your documents and agreements checked and your accounts reconciled before the investor receives them

Buy Side

  • Uncover issues early
  • Understand the business you’re buying
  • Strengthen your negotiation position
  • Magnify the small print
  • Find answers to complexities and questions
  • Eliminate surprises

Cost depends on many factors.

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Other Financial Services

· Financial Accounting and Reporting (Europe, USA, etc…). We are well established in both continents and also in many other parts of the world.

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To order: Please fill in our contact form at the end of this page.

All of our services are pre-paid. No free trials. Serious applications only. Fill in the order form below, specify which service you request, we will send you an invoice through Paypal. After payment, we will contact you. For the Investors Database services or Full Service Packages you will be inserted in the next monthly email campaign.

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