After reviewing thousands of business plans and getting feedback from hundreds of investors, we decided to set up this site as a service to aspiring entrepreneurs and companies looking for business funding.

Is it frustration, desperation, or simply a vow to make this a better ‘investment’ world?

Or may we just say that we have some advice to offer and that we attached a few good services to that intent?

Please take what you need, pass it on to whomever could use the information, and learn the ways of money: spend it wisely, keep good records, and remember... it’s not yours, you’ll have to pay it back eventually. Let it be with good added-on value born of business savvy and ingenuity, in other words, may your business prosper.

To find money is not the easiest aspect of your business. In order to find funding, for whatever reason you need it, let us give you a few good tips and hints. Advice is free. We'll help you on the way to find investors and help you understand how they look at your investment proposal.


MARC KNEEPKENS, founder of Vision Marketing and Consulting

is Belgian and resided in Canada and the USA for the last 27 years.

In Belgium he was active in retail, wholesale and importation of several ‘green’ business and product lines, and had a brief career in the corporate world. Marc communicated with hundreds of top managers in Belgium for Who’s Who in Top Management. He created a professional trade fair for Belgium’s prestigious Flanders Expo Corporation, and revived a personnel selection firm before moving to North America.

After creating and managing several service businesses he traveled around the world for seven years. During that time he learned about investment banking while working with a group in Frankfurt. He applied this knowledge to renewable energy projects and was the founder of www.Business-Funding-Insider.com and the group “Investing in Renewable Energy” on Linkedin (16,000+ members).

With an investor database of over 80,000 records and a huge network world wide he finds opportunities and helps companies and entrepreneurs attain their goals. 

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DILEEP K NAIR, Managing Director of Unifinn Global Capital

is a proven banking and finance professional in the industry with excellent performance track record during his 14 years of career history. Being a Commerce Graduate with Master Degree in Business Management and Chartered Accountancy (PE II) by qualification, he had a successful and performance oriented career history in banking with India’s second largest bank- ICICI Bank at senior level positions. As a seasoned industry expert and performer he acquired deep expertise in Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Commercial Banking and Business Banking. He set benchmark performance levels across the areas he handled.

During his successful professional career he handled a variety of finance roles at senior level as Auditor, Finance Manager, Management Expert, Business Manager and his experience level ranging from Investment Banking, Project Finance, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Auditing, Financial & Management Accounting, Taxation, Corporate & Business Laws, Sales Management, Financial Analysis, Project Management, Investment Management etc.

He has always been rated on top in any talent management systems where he gone through. He is a certified capital market professional and attended a host of functional and behavioral world class trainings, seminars and workshops.

Setting new standards of performance is always the essence of his career. He is a proven Management Consultant looking at consistent and steady growth in overall business, profitability, market capitalization etc of his clients. His capability to adapt into different situations, leadership and management skills, relationship management, finance expertise, passion to grow, dynamism and respect to compliance and social responsibilities makes him a key factor in the DNA of Unifinn. 

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Oliver, the financial expert,  modeled for our logo!

OLIVER DORING, principal and founder of Oliver Döring Finance LLC

is based in Germany. Oliver was groomed in the ‘Deloitte’ stable. He is an experienced auditor specialized in investment transactions, M&A, and taxation, and an international business consultant. He created the Interim Solutions group, and heads a team of global business consultants. His strength is in corporate finance with a mind for number crunching and due diligence accuracy. His ‘masterpiece’ is a meticulously maintained database of 80,000 plus investors worldwide.

With his vast experience of communicating with business investors, venture capital investors and angel investors, and his unmatched ability to review business proposals, to pinpoint their strengths and shortcomings, and to ask the right questions, he is the authority to help you 'find funding'.

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Dave Lavinsky, President and Founder of Growthink,Inc.

is one of America's top lecturers on entrepreneurs issues such as business funding, capital raising, venture capital, business development, marketing and sales (new product development). He explains exactly what needs to be done to obtain results. Having consulted managements of many start ups, he helped them raise billions of dollars of funding, managed them to successful businesses, and guided them through very profitable exit strategies. He has compiled much of his wisdom and practical steps in easy to follow tools and products.


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