500K USD Needed for a private investment on very short notice!

by Rutger van Nuissenburg
(Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia)

We are looking for private investors to finance a 500 K USD green & innovative project. Funding is needed this very month!!

This project is a Company based in Bali, Indonesia. The current owner is Dutch, and so am I. Me and my business partner have an opportunity to buy over this company to continue it running. Officially this company is NOT for sale, but since my business partner is related to the owner we get this chance, but only for a very short time.

What is the product?
* ›A new environment-friendly product which can be used on the total Globe!
* its a concept to present your guests a cold or hot towel in a unique and innovative way.
*The compressed tablet will expand into a full size napkin when a little water is added, which changes the common use of a napkin into an entertaining experience
* The tablet is made of 100% biodegradable natural viscose, which makes it truly the green towel in white
* ›The product can be used in many different situations in your hotel, restaurant, club, discotheque, spa, golf, at home, etc

Currently there are 3500 customers world wide, and 300 clients in Bali, and keeps growing

Why we want to buy this company?
* Profitable
* Marketable
* 100% green
* Innovative
* On the market, and will never go off
* A worldwide network
* Easy to manage

To make all this reality we will need $500.000 USD, $50.000 will stay in the account for us to start up/continue the company and do further developments.

Hope to hear from you on very short notice, since we are running out of time. Thanks for your time and wish you a very pleasant day ahead.

Kind regards,

Rutger van Nuissenburg
mail: rudi_nuis@yahoo.com
phone: +6281319141781
skype: rudi_nuis

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