4 RTB Hydro projects in India. All projects have sovereign Guarantee

by Rahul

Dear sirs,

We have 4 RTB hydro projects in Eastern part of India. Promoters of the project are very reputed Indian companies with a very strong background and listed in Indian stock exchange (BSE- world's 4th largest stock exchange).

Let me give details of first one of 24 MW.

Basic details of the project are below:

1. 24 MW Hydro Project:

1. Project Cost : INR 2040 million. (US$ 31 mn)

2. Debt / Equity Ratio : 80 / 20

3. Equity Investment (20% ) : INR 41o million (US$ 6.3 mn). The investors will have to invest this amount to hold 74%

of the stake in the Company, the balance 26% will be held by the company as free equity, i.e. 5% in total project.

4. Debt Investment (80%) : INR 1630 million (US$ 25 mn). The Investor will have to invest in the project, they are free

to take any decision, bring in EPC etc.

5. Expenses incurred : The Company expenditure as per book value is INR 50 million to develop the project, they want the amount to be reimbursed. The Company will reinvest this major part of this amount into their share holding of 26%. THIS IS NOT PREMIUM.
6. PLF: 55-60% and project has sovereign guarantee.

Project Status: RTB
PPA is with the government at a tariff of INR 4.42 per KWH and the project has sovereign guarantee.
EPC is open.

Only serious investors contact me at rahulmishra.tks@gmail.com (preferred and more access able) or at rahul@movya.com. Always make a cc to my gmail if you are sending at rahul@movya.com.

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards:
Rahul Mishra
General Director for India)
Tar Kovacs Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Movya Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Email: rahulmishra.tks@gmail.com (preferable and more accessible)

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