4 million $ investment for the Hospitality Business were you will receive 18% profit monthly based on Portrait Photography Program at Hotel Resorts throughout the world.

by Robert Cerri
(Sanford, Florida 32771, USA)

Proposal for an On Site Guest Portrait Photography Concession
February 10, 2011

Based on a very successful program which has been refined and perfected by Walt Disney World, the basic Environmental Portrait Service for families & couples visiting a world class resort has thrived, because now resorts are capable of creating and producing high end family portraits for a fraction of the cost than can be found at private photo studios back home. With the current available technology, it is now possible to create such photographs and present them to customers within seconds, rather than the ordeal of weeks of waiting.
Fortunately, this photo program has not yet been widely used in resort markets, allowing early adopters to become innovators and leaders of such a program within their industry. More importantly, by its nature this is a built-in marketing tool for a resort.
The Robert Cerri Group is pleased to provide this outline of the pertinent details regarding built-in target markets, photographers (CSI), packaging and presentation of photographs, marketing the program, the equipment which allows for photos to be shown instantly, instant computer generation of photos to show guests their photos taken just minutes previously by our photographers, and then photo printing within minutes while the guests wait and pay for the 45 minute session directly to the resort. Significantly, the creative advertising material for this proprietary product, FOTOFINISH, will be produced by RCG directly. The full operation of this proven program and day-to-day management of the FotoFinish business would be paid monthly by the resort to the Robert Cerri Group. The monthly fee includes the photographers’ salaries, as well as administration of all management, marketing and advertising activities for the program both on- and off-property. Additional, upfront development fees will cover the initial setup of the two-desk service center, and equipment including still cameras, computers, monitors, a beginning inventory of necessary supplies including photo paper, photo printers and printer ribbons, the print sleeves that hold the prints, CDs and CD cases, and bar code printers for direct billing to guests’ room accounts.

An incredible familiarization offer.

In order to help launch the incredible Fotofinish products and services, we propose, during the first two weeks of the opening of the FotoFinish service, to provide an on-property morale-builder by photographing the employees of the resort and their families, and give them a free 30-minute photo session. We would then burn all the employee’s images onto free CDs, which would feature a custom-produced resort logo printed on the front. All photos on the CDs would be taken at various locations throughout the resort environment, and would include exterior as well as
interior shots, taken at different times of the day for a variety of portrait styles. Prints would not be provided to the employees, but a viewer would be included with the final CD for easy image reference. Employees could print their
own photos by bringing the CD to inexpensive retail photo labs or printed on their own home printers. Image sizes would only range between 1.5-2.0 MB and include a range of images between 4” X 6” and 16” X 20”, as color or B&W prints. Employees would be requested to sign an advertising release form so their photos could be utilized for publicity and promotional use by the resort, at the photo desks as well as in advertising. By receiving a free photo session as well as free CDs, employees would be motivated to tell resort guests about this wonderful service, how easy and inexpensive the FotoFinish products are, as well as being wonderful vacation mementoes. Traditional family photo-portraits can cost from $500.00 to $1000.00 per session, and would typically not include a CD.
We propose the construction of two Fotofinish desks; one with high visibility, adjacent to the guest registration area, and the other in a recreational on-property area such as a swimming pool deck. This will provide total coverage
throughout the entire resort. The desks would be electronically linked, allowing guests to view their photos at either location and, eventually, in guest rooms. All resort guest photos would be archived on a dedicated server outside the resort should any images be requested.

Respectfully, submitted,
Robert N. Cerri
for The Robert Cerri Group

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