3D Orthopedic

by Zoran Salamon
(Montreal, Canada)

1.0 Executive Summary
Zoran Salamon was created to offer an incomparable service to people with orthopedic needs. Particularly it will provide each client with shoes that were designed specifically according to his 3D foot measures with no need to any further adjustment.
The service we offer relies on a pioneer technology developed and used in Europe but not yet implemented in the American continent. It combines many years of experience in the industry to an advanced technology. The system used will be a white light scanner proven harmless to human tissues that takes the 3D measures for people with mild and heavy deformation, transmits the data to the factory where the custom shoes are constructed 100% according to the data provided within 7 days.
This technology will help consult an unprecedented number of patients per day, and reduce the cost at the same time. This will be beneficial for the patient, government and insurance companies, and will generate exceptional revenue and greater operating margins.
The company will be differentiated from its competitors as a result of offering the first constructing shoes according to accurate 3D data not just adjusting prefabricated shoes. It will have a positive impact on the population suffering from orthopedic deformation, and therefore the future generation if patients diagnosed and consulted at early stages.
Upon profound research, we discovered that the average time of consultation is estimated to 3 months at the businesses who are currently offering orthopedic services, while the time of delivery of the accustomed pair of shoes who might need further adjustments is between 6 to 8 months. With the system we are planning to put in place any patient can be consulted within 7 days with or without appointment or just by walking into our centre. With the large number of Licensed orthopedists, practitioners and chiropractors in Canada and the United states , this represents a mature market with the need and ability to pay for 3-D orthopedic consultation.

The execution of this plan will require initial financing. The cash reserves in the fifth year will be substantial. This will provide the opportunity for the owners to begin buying back the shares of the company required to fund the start-up. The owners currently desire to buy back all outstanding shares during this year.

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