25 year veteran hair stylist looking to expand into a family salon with my 3 daughters who are also now in the industry

by Alex
(Tampa, Fl)

I have been a stylist for over 25 years. I have 3 daughters who are all now getting into the industry along with me. I am looking to get the start up fees for a salon and medspa in the Tampa Bay area. I have owned salons in the past that have been very successful. My daughters have decided that they would like to follow in your footsteps so I would like to leave them a legacy. My parents did not do this for me and I vowed to always make my daughters independent, strong and confidant women. This venture would allow me to open a salon where I could really teach them the business and have a possible gateway to retirement in the next 10 years, but also feel good knowing they are informed business owners. I have been in the business so long that I know what will work and what won't. I've got a location picked out along with all of the necessary equipment, furnishings and fixtures in order to get the doors open within 3 months. I am looking for $65,000 to cover my expenses for opening the business.

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