1st Completely Interactive Family Entertainment Center

by Wayne Hickey
(Myrtle Beach, SC)


Imagine if you will, entering an attraction that you know is filled with adventure, the unknown, and coupled with an extreme adrenaline rush! Now imagine going into that same attraction over and over again and never knowing what to expect. Every visit is a totally unique experience! That’s what Adventure Productions, is all about!

2. Problem Haunted Houses, Dark rides, thrill rides, laser tag, escape rooms, and virtual reality. Each one of them lacks challenging interactivity, the unknown, something different every time. Once you do any of these they become predictable and the initial excitement will never be the same.

3. The Solution
Entering one of our walk-through Adventures/attractions will launch the participants into a nearly virtual world. The visitor will become transported into a 360° twenty-room experience inside a sea of technology, interaction, and adrenaline. Our ability to change/move sets, scenes, adventures, interaction, challenges and events at any given moment WE choose and the suspense of the unexpected will lure repeat revenue/customers into another round of excitement. Picture a 5D, laser target-based experience with over 70 life-like animatronics; a journey where visitors walk through Hollywood-Type sets, blasting 250 strategically placed laser targets, and complete several exciting challenges from pulling levers, pressing buttons, hitting laser targets, opening boxes and more to get to the next themed room. We guarantee, no two visits will be the same.

Our Completely Interactive Family Entertainment Center will offer more excitement and interactivity at an affordable price to the consumer, than any other FEC.

4. Target Market - Our initial goal is to reach a .6 percent on only 11 million of the more than 16 million visitors to Myrtle Beach.

5. Adventure Productions will focus on 9 key Revenue Streams: Ultimate Experience of all 4 attractions, the Wild Adventure, Escape Rooms, Zombie Extraction, Wizards Duel, Cravens Crypt, Virtual Reality, Video/Photo Experience, Red Gargoyle Branding and gift shop revenue.

5. Once achieved, our minimum projections will produce a net profit of approximately $1 million dollars. Up to 70% for the investors. (See our EBITDA photo).

7. All financial projections, quoting, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Advertising Plan, and Personnel requirements are complete.

8. FUNDING: We are seeking $700,000 to $1,000,000. This shovel ready project can be fully operational within 4 to 6 months.

9. We are looking for like minded partners/investors to complete our management team, who share in this vision and have the monetary resources to get this business of the ground. Executive Summary available upon request.

I would love the opportunity to discuss this venture in greater detail with you and your team.

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website. Mention "1st Completely Interactive Family Entertainment Center".

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