18 year international funder with direct relationships with Private Equity and Hedge Funds Available to Fund your projects

I have a new provider who has been in this business for over 18 years
and has extensive direct relationships with both Private Equity Firms
and Hedge funds. This associate can fund deals on an international
basis. In my short time working with him I have one deal he has
approved and waiting for my client to move forward.

Below is a list of the areas that can be financed and specific details
of real estate based transactions.

Our funding client is a nationally recognized leader in commercial
finance. We are leading the way in commercial lending of all types,
including Commercial Real Estate Loans, Equipment Leasing, Sale
Leasebacks, Heavy Equipment Leasing, Heavy Equipment Financing,
Medical Financing, Accounts Receivable Financing, Factoring, Bridge
and Hard Money Loans, SBA Financing, Business Acquisition Financing,
Hotel Financing, Stock Loans, Portfolio Liquidations, Private Equity,
Joint Ventures and more.

We work with small, medium, and large size businesses and have a broad
portfolio of financial products to provide the capital our clients
need. Composed of a group of certified, highly experienced financial
professionals, is at the forefront of the commercial finance industry.


Commercial Real Estate Loans World Wide Projects considered $1 MM to
$500 MM. Rates as low as 6.5% New Construction and Refinance
Will consider impaired credit. Extensive experience with Hotel and
Resort Properties. See Details Below NO UP FRONT FEES REQUIRED

Program Details:

Up to 80% Financing and Refinancing of Flagged or Un flagged
Hotels including new construction. Will consider new construction
projects of Resort Properties.
Presently financing new Resort Construction in St Lucia

Flexible debt-to-income (DTI) underwriting approach
Rates as low as 6.5%
Fixed and variable rate programs
Refinance- cash out
Quick Closings- 30 to 45 day closings

Property Types

Multifamily, Mixed Use, Flagged and Unflagged Hospitality, Industrial,
Mobile Home Parks, Self-Storage, Retail, Warehouse, Gas Stations, Restaurant
Health Care, Funeral Home High Rise Office Buildings

"Solutions to Solve Unique Financial Situations."

Contact me through this website: Use the 'Contact Us' form and mention CREATIVE FUNDING SOLUTIONS

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Real Estate Investments
by: Anonymous

We are trying to expand our operations and are looking to be funded. We are experts in the purchase of forclosed or low cost houses to makeover and resell at premium price. We are looking for a USD 5M investment, at a 15 year term. Interest rates should be atractive. Please contact me if interested.

Best regards.

looking for 8 millions Europe long term loan (Portugal)
by: Jacques wakim

our property in Alentejo Portugal is 530 hectares.
fully equipped to produce top quality Red and white wine.
Huge business potential.
Looking for a 10 to 15 years loan of 8 millions euro .
the property will serve as collateral.
value at least 24 millions euro.

require 2.5 mil usd
by: Anonymous

film studio plus 80 acres of californian land as 1 mortgage lien for loan , have been burnt with upfront/insurance fees previously so will pay those back end of deal if needed. Repay within 90 days Require asap full documentation available.

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

US$5m needed
by: Thomas Mhuriro

Hello. I am urgently looking for a US$5 million to develop my piece of land into a lucrative rental housing project. Please are you able to assist me raise this amount on whatever favourable terms? (Joint Venture, Loans, Equity etc)

loan-usd 500k-1m
by: velan subramanian


looking for loan/investor

project : chicken farm

profitable project

country: malaysia

interested: pls contact us :Mr.Velan Subramanian

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

community for the older man in thailand
by: Mr. S

We have project to build the old man village with all residence and take a rest area. Now a day, the old man is much rise up and more than 40% are single. So we need to do the small community for the old man who has same age and not have any son or daughter to take care.

our plane will do the start once the funding arrive around 3 MUSd.
kindly please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Investment opportunities
by: Sukhodaya Gardens

US$ 3million required immediately for a multi-billion project activity of great profit potential. Willing to meet all genuine expenses and also commissions on successful closing from the Investment fund. Negotiation through email and direct contact at our place in Kerala, India. Only serious investors/agents having serious investors need apply as commission/expenses will be given only after the funds reaches our bank account in India. We entertain only fully legal transactions following rules and regulations of Nations involved. Those interested may contact us through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

seek financing

Importer in medical and consumable goods in constantine (Algeria)I am in the search of financing for the development and the modernization of my company. I need your official assistance for the purchase of the equipment of the modern imagery Such as: SCANNER CT, I.R.M, ECHOGRAPH and CONVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY. I thank you For your good collaboration
Best Regards.

Looking for aloan
by: Osvaldo j

Hi I am based in Mozambique and South Africa.
I am looking for financial LOAN 200,000 USD
for my Transportation business and service.
The annual return 50,000 and up.
I give 2% back towards my loans.

If you are interested contact me through
the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Technical expert Ltd/
by: Andrey

We are ready to provide many projects in Russia which in search of the investor or the credit. Projects in the sphere of the real estate, the industry and agriculture. Also there is a need of financing of transactions in oil and gas sector.

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.







we need 100$ million real estate project in bangalore india terms and conditions adress of company regards

by: Dr. Emmanuel

Our organization is seeking reliable, experienced and willing project funders/lenders and/or their approved representatives to partner with us for capital raising and project funding. The benefit that we offer is our knowledge and experience of the African markets and situation, as well as the ability to pre-qualify potentially fundable projects. This will save time and efforts and prevent unserious applications. I will be grateful for any realistic opportunities and possibilities to partner with such reliable project funders and lenders for mutual benefits. Thank you.

Startup Funds for Cassava Processing Factories
by: Emmanuel Udomisor

We are looking for $5M to pay for plants/equipment for the processing of raw cassava into maltose/glucose, flour, starch, garri, noodles, biscuits/cookies, ethanol, animal feeds, fertilizers, etc. The project is in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Interested investors or funding organization can reach me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

airport opportunity
by: martin fraser

There is a private federal airport for sale and an international airport closing - what I am looking for is 25 million CDN split 7 million now to purchase the airport and the balance within 6 months or as we purchase additional lands under federal jurisdiction. A national bank will fund the balance for expansion with the contracts from the closing airport which did more than 100 million in sales. Existing business contracts have to be moved.
This opportunity is a private transaction without public knowledge until the news breaks which will soar the stock value.
Owning a Federal International Airport that can expand in a time where expansion is difficult is indeed a Golden Opportunity to anyone with vision.
If you have vision and financial ability a mortgage and a percentage is yours.
Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

asirkamalam trust
by: A.Mohanaraja

A.Mohanaraja, Correspondent,
Scism nursery & primary school,
Rasingapuram, 625528.
Theni district, Tamilnadu, South India.
Dear sir,
We are running a Nursery and Primary school at Rasingapuram- a remote village in Theni district, at the State of Tamilnadu, South India (Indian government is building a Neutrino research center in this village). This area is very backward in education and general health. 95% homes have no toilets. This people are using road side and vacant land as their toilets. We strongly believe that proper education only change their life style. Most of the people surrounding the villages are farmers and cardamom planters owning little land. Children of this people cannot get proper education so for years. Now only this people are willing to give good education to their children.
To provide proper education to them, we started this primary school in 2011 with 170 little buds and at present the school has the strength of 420 students. Further in this area, 99% of people are computer illiterate. So we have introduced computer education right from kindergarten classes. However after their primary schooling most of the students con not continues their higher studies because of the more fees in the near towns. Even the conveyance charges of the schools are greater than our school fees. Our people cannot face this transport charges and the highest school fees. In a statistics our state Tamilnadu is first place in primary education in India. At the same time in high school studies our state is pushed back to seventh place. In India, 80% people are living in villages. But only 3% to 5% of the people have good knower in computer. To solve this problem, we have planned to upgrade our school up to std. tenth with hostel. All parents request us to provide higher classes to their children. For this program we want money to full fill the government regulations, such as land, building and furniture. If we get loan from local bankers, we can able to pay only the interest of their money and we cannot pay the principal amount as the interest is very high.
We hope for these good causes, well wisher of untraded people, like you can kindly lend us a loan in less interest with pledge our land and buildings. We will give back the money wit in 15 years.
We and the thousands of students would be great full and bear your name if you help us in this regard.

Looking for a Loan or Angel Investors
by: Ndodana Ndazi

I'm based in Zimbabwe, Africa and looking for a loan of up to $50,000 or an Angel Investor for a cattle production business. I've a ready land for the project. This land is in the country side, about 127km in the western side of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second largest city. Cattle production/beef fattening is a very vibrant and viable business. I'm looking forward to get the funds to finance, the purchasing of equipment for the onset of the business, establishment of feeding trays, sinking of a borehole for a reliable water source, buying of animals, transportation, labor costs, medications, research and other necessities. For more details to anyone who might be interested to get involved or an in-depth information, contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

agri-project funding enquiry
by: donald egwu

croplife enterprise nigeria limited is seeking funding for it's 50+ hectares of agriculture and livestock production project located in calabar, cross river state nigeria with a total face value of $3 000 000 and a ten years repayment period ,interested investors or funding bodies can reach us via; the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Real Estate Funding
by: Mr. Duke

I need USD2million start-up capital for a real estate development capable of generating over 20% return-on-investment(ROI)yearly!
The prime location is Lagos (population:>20m) the commercial city of Nigeria and West Africa.

Seeking Business Loan
by: Nana G. EGYAM

Seeking funding for Sustainable rich cassava project
by: Rich Cassava Farm Project in Ghana, West Africa

We are currently seeking funding for Cassava Farm/manufacturing facility (60 mil.) For a new Cassava Farm/ Manufacturing of Cassava Starch/ Syrup Glucose product. Product is currently Patent Pending and has unlimited growth potential for details

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website
Thank you

Project finance
by: Eben Tepre

We are looking for funding (about$25,000,000-$50,000,000)to construct Hostels,lecture halls and auditorium for the Ghana Christian University College in Ghana.

please send me more information on your bank guarantee and funding especially the interest rates on these amount.

Thank you

Eben Tepre For the Architects and consultants +233248107840

GCUC Contacts: Dr.Ahlijah +233276984145,nahlijah@gmail.com Mr.Dadzie +233207438238

Seeking funding for Sustainable Energy project
by: Dustin Clemo

I am currently seeking funding for manufacturing facility (.5 mil.) For a new Wind / Hydro energy product. Product is currently Patent Pending and has unlimited growth potential for details

Contact me through the Contact Us page of this website.

Thank you
Dustin Clemo

by: Shawn Carmody

To any interested investor, I am trying to obtain funding for a startup company called Heavy-Lift Kopters L.L.C., the company was formed in Texas. I am seeking to purchase 6 International CH-47D helicopters as well as 2 BV234 Chinook helicopters from a foreign government in the far east. This is a unique opportunity to obtain these helicopters at far below market value, bring them to the USA, inspect and repair for serviceability, and then put them to work here and overseas as well. I am seeking an investor or investors that are willing to enter into a long term opportunity to fund this company and get it up and running. The first objective is to obtain these helicopters and get them back to the United States and get to working on them. Please go to my company website: http://www.heavy-kopters.com for more information.

by: Nkagisang

I am trying to raise loan for my trucking business.
The loan amount is $253 000.00.
The annual returns thereof is $260 800.00.
The project will run for five years.

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Start up project loan US$ 3million
by: Dr Prabha Nambisan

Dear Sir,

We are looking for a start up loan for our project. Kindly contact sukhodayagardens@gmail.com for details if you are interested.

Dr Prabha Nambisan

BUGTOPIA ~ 3D animated feature w/ names & Oscar and Emmy winning Executives and Producers attached (looking for investor)
by: CAB Bolton

This CAB Bolton and I have created a 3D animated feature film project "BUGTOPIA" and wanted to see if this project might be of interest to you. We have a GREAT STORY and this is a potential blockbuster.

We at CAB International Entertainment Group create ORIGINAL, UNIVERSAL and COMMERCIAL, compelling, thought-provoking, meaningful and entertaining video, movie and television properties from a FRESH PERSPECTIVE.

NOTE: My team and I are looking for a EP / Co-production partnership and or funding for a 3D animated feature film with names attached.

Here is our Executive Summary / pitch deck for our 3D animated feature film entitled, "BUGTOPIA". The purpose for contacting you with this short elevator pitch is to forward it to investors or those with contacts to investors. We are looking for;

1) Equity venture capital / Angel Investment (Not a Debt loan) for our Universal and Commercial CG 3D animated feature film, "BUGTOPIA - The Ladybug Story".

NOTE: Think of 3D animated films like, "A Bugs Life", "Antz" & "Shark Tale".

DISTRIBUTION: We have an LOI for international and domestic retail and digital distribution for the DVD & Blu-ray, (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Fye, redbox and etc...) . We are in touch with theatrical distribution brokers & movie sales teams. One of our Executive Producers has the previous experience and access to every Hollywood studio for theatrical distribution and she has confirmed we will approach DreamWorks to provide our Animation Production.


We just secured Hollywood veteran Executive Producer Helena S. Hamilton (over 40 film productions and worked at Paramount, Universal, worked on several major animation productions and provided productions for Comedy Central, HBO and more. She has also mention bringing on DreamWorks on board to provide our animation production and Oscar winning producers that worked Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/helena-s-hamilton-238a0618

We have an LOI from Emmy Award winning animation producer at NIC Entertainment Inc. John Petrovitz - https://www.linkedin.com/pub/john-petrovitz/37/48b/155

We have an LOI from Emmy nominated producer Marcia Campbell - https://www.linkedin.com/pub/marcia-campbell/4/6a9/4b3

We also have LOI's from actor "LEON" Robinson, (Cool Running's, Above The Rim, Crossing Jordan, Get Rich or Die Trying, Waiting To Exhale, Cliffhanger and etc...) IMBd - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0502442/


actress Cocoa Brown, (Lakeview Terrace w/ Samuel Jackson, 2 Broke Girls, Psych, Breaking Bad, Tyler Perry's 2014 release - Single Moms Club and etc...) IMBd -

NOTE: The remaining main 7 characters (Stars of the film) have been reserved for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. We have already cast 40+ acting parts. Our wish is more of a want list that we will get and consist of Jamie Fox, Tracey Morgan, Kevin Hart, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Angela Bassett and or Mo'Nique. We have a casting company on standby.

NOTE: The LogLine, Synopsis, Executive Summary, Screenplay and business plan available upon request

NOTE: 3D animated movies have outperformed all other genres of film.


We hope this information helps in your decision to move forward with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a blessed day!


by: Geetha

Dear Sir,

Good to note your msg. and we are proud to say ours is the only project will give you all in one roof.

Yes it is a asset oriented, multiple projects. operative, no need holiday period etc.,

Please contact us 9841038155 or mgkmines@yahoo.com

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