100% Mortgage Financing Required; Interest Only Term; Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

by Vashesh Sooknanan
(Port of Spain, Trinidad)

Good Day:

I borrow money to fund real estate deals on either a short term (4-6 years) 5.25% interest only arrangement or long term (20 year+) full repayment process.

The current deal which requires funding is as follows :

* 10 (2 bed/ 1 bath) units apartment building in the vicinity of the city
* Using 10% vacancy (conservatively)
* Current Rental: US $444 usd per unit (comparative rental: US $665)
* Total Expenses per month: US$ 1450
* Total funds required to purchase: USD$ 593 000

Monthly Interest Payment to lender:US $ 2600

Currently there are a lot of other deals in the pipeline which will also require funding.

V. Sooknanan

ProperTT (Trinidad & Tobago)
email: properTT123@gmail.com
cell: (868) 463-8503

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