by Shawn Carmody
(Spring Branch, Texas)

CH-47D Chinook

CH-47D Chinook

CH-47D Chinook CH-53E Sea Stallion

My name is Shawn Carmody. I am the owner of a new startup helicopter company venture called Heavy-Kopters Company. I am still working on and dedicated the to startup and launch of this new heavy lift helicopter company that will be available for heavy-lift work anywhere in the world. We plan to offer a load lifting capacity of up to 28,000 pounds initially using CH-47D helicopters, this capacity will increase to 36,000 pounds since we plan to acquire CH-53E helicopters once they are retired from the military. We also plan to offer personnel and internal cargo transport as well as fire-fighting services.

I intend to base this company in the United States but plan to expand worldwide as work is obtained, the company will start operations in the state of Texas. It is our intention to be an international provider of heavy lift helicopter services to corporations, government agencies, and other organizations that would require this type of support.

I am seeking an investor or group of investors that would be interested in funding this company venture. I am ready to submit a business plan for your consideration but I would appreciate the opportunity for us to complete a non-disclosure agreement between our organizations before that happens and I would very much appreciate any and all assistance with getting this company venture funded and get it up and running.
As I stated before, my plan is to eventually start company operations in South America, and then possibly even base the company there, a specific country has not been selected yet but that will occur at a later date. Once started in the United States, we plan to expand to South America as well as other countries and continents as opportunities allow.

A company website has been started but it's still very basic and explains the capabilities of the 2 types of helicopters we intend to use. For now, we want to start with the CH-47 Chinook exclusively, the MI-26 may be considered in the future depending on political issues. I do intend to acquire the CH-53E helicopter once they are made available from the military as the CH-53E is the most powerful heavy-lift helicopter available in the western hemisphere at this time. Please review our basic company website that offers a description of the CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters.

The company website url is: , more information will be posted there once funding has been accomplished. I am very interested in working with you to get my company venture going and once the non-disclosure agreement is completed I will send you my company's business plan for your consideration.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Shawn Carmody
Heavy-Kopters Company

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