Dream Vacations for Medically or Physically Impaired on specially equipped 45ft coach

by Wayne Shrock
(Casper, Wyoming-USA)

Continental Dove Lines, Inc. allows your loved ones who are medically or physically impaired, to enjoy their dream vacations on a 45 Ft coach with a total package that includes all the medical, food, travel, tour guide services while offering all the safety and comforts of home.
Picture this:
A person has always dreamed of vacationing at some particular place, but is unable to travel, because they are physically, and or medically, challenged. In just two of the thousands of cities in the USA there are over 2,800 of these people that according to research after learning about this service, like the idea, want to use it, and can afford to use it, with most of them wanting between a 4-6 week dream vacation.
Continental Dove Lines has created a unique service that will impact many in the high growth health industry. We fill a niche in the healthcare field that at present is not being filled. We offer a total package to allow the client to enjoy their dream vacation of their own choice.
We will make this vacation happen for them using a luxurious 45-foot coach which is a complete mobile medical clinic staffed with an RN and driver.
According to research, in the second year, we should show a good profit, by the fourth year, the investor/s should be able to receive their investment plus a very high interest on their investment.
Contact us for further information on this excellent investment opportunity.

Wayne Shrock, Founder and CEO
Continental Dove Lines, Inc.
Phone 307-278-7273
Skype: wayneshrock
Email wshrock114@aol.com
Web Site www.continentaldovelines.com

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This investment opportunity looks interesting. NEW
by: Al

Dear Wayne,

This investment opportunity looks interesting. Read through http://www.seekinginvestors.biz/ and you’ll find contact information and the entrepreneur application form within. Thank you and good luck !


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