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By using the forms (in each category) you will create your very own webpage entirely for your own investment proposal. Give it a title that will attract the attention of potential investors. The title and the first line will be visible on our 'Deal Flow'page.

You may list in one category only. Choose wisely, think like an investor.

USE THE URL OF THE PAGE FOR YOUR OWN 'INVESTMENT PROPOSAL' MARKETING. The form that you create is a new webpage. You can use the URL of this page for your own marketing purposes, in your email messages, on your postings on Linkedin, etc. This way you won't have to re-create it over and over again. You can use this page to describe your idea, your product, your management, the funding you need, etc.

Put the essential information first, details later, keep the reader interested.

Your page will be open for comments/responses under each of the investment proposals in the 'deal flow listing categories'.

What and how to write?

Use a descriptive title, write or copy and paste your title and message on this page by using the form provided, below.  On the page you can be more descriptive.  Make sure to make your title and first sentence attractive, this will be the first part that anyone going through all the investment proposals will see. Then put the most important part about your deal in the first paragraph. Keep the attention going.

Present this 'teaser' in a compelling way: the response you want is that an investor will ask for more information, either an executive summary, or a complete set of business documents: business plan, financials, etc.

This 'teaser' is a short version of your Executive Summary, which in itself, is a short version of your business plan. The purpose of this short form is to inform potential investors in a timely and effective way of what you have. If an investor is interested in your sector/industry, the size of your deal, the management and experience of your business, and the product or service that you have, they will respond by commenting back under your entry. The 'Business-Funding-Insider' website will notify you of any comments, make sure that you check the box to receive notifications when you submit this form.

Please note that we don't want your direct contact information in your submission. No email addresses, no websites.

The last line of your proposal needs to be: "Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website".

This is for your own protection. Scammers have been preying on these pages consistently. They will try to pose as investors and promise you funding. At some point they will ask for fees, usually right at the point when the so called 'funding' looks for sure. However, it never happens.

Comments with responses will be screened and if positive they will be published or passed on directly to you.

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