Construction Project (Residential building multi store)

by Ahmed
(Pogradec, Albania)

My name is Ahmed Guxholli. I am an Chartered Accountant from Albania.
I have designed a Construction Project in Tirana (Albania - Europe) which requires investment.
I’m looking for investment $8.172.160 for a Construction Project.
Timeline of this project is 4 years with the condition of Mudarabah financement (LOAN FINANCING ON PROFIT SHARING BASIS).
Forecast to building some collective multi-stage buildings with:
Total construction: 15.000 m2
From which:
Apartments - 10.000 m2
Shops, stores - 1.500 m2
Garage & Veranda – 2.300 m2
Common area (Non Saleable) – 1.200 m2
Amount of investment required $8.172.160
Forecast Profit Neto (100 %) $3.878.056
Investor Part (70 %)
Contractor Part (30 %)
Return on investment (%) = (Net profit / Investment) × 100
ROI = $3.878.056 / $8.172.160 = 47.45 % (Total in 4 years).
47.45 % / 4 years = 11.86 % (Roi annual).
I am an expert in my profession with over 10 years experience, and I think that the project of construction presented, will be very successful.
If you are interested in the Construction Project, please notify by mail, so I send you the full Construction Project.
Looking forward to establishing a long lasting business relationship.
Best wishes.
TEL: +355692618796.

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