An International Commercial lender up to 100% funding either debt or equity or combination worldwide! We fund Energy, Technology, Mining, Real Estate and Business based projects.

Our process is simple, consistent and fully transparent with information provided for your due diligence of our capital providers, their history and performance to ensure that you are comfortable in allowing us to be your financial partner in this and future opportunities. We believe that the relationship is as important as the funds if we are to work in harmony to achieve your goals.

Don't be fooled though, 100% funding is very rare and requires top notch quality documentation such as a business plan made by a professional consulting company or institution, and a feasibility study.

The business plan needs to include detailed information on the management team, a marketing study, a sensitivity analysis, a risk analysis, financial projections, detailed information about your existing company, the amount of money spent and invested already in the project by yourself or your company and partners, and a detailed explanation on how you will deal with the risk factors, such as project and performance insurances. Exit options have to be clearly outlined and the ROI for the investors needs to be attractive and convincing.

Some of our investors participating in funding projects are wealth funds, hedge funds, family offices, banks and institutions, high net worth individuals and more. Some are based in Europe, the US, the Middle East, China, Australia...

We are interested in Infrastructure, Energy, Technology, Mining, Real Estate and Business based markets. 

We provide up to 100% of borrower’s capital request in the form of debt, equity or a combination. Projects need to be shovel ready, permitted, agreements in place and ready for due diligence.

100% funding is only available in cases where existing companies need funds for expansion or growth, or for deals in which you can prove the off-take of your product or service for the long term, such as PPA's (power purchase agreement), or contracts secured by governments or sovereign bonds.

We can arrange for a moratorium on payments until the project is stabilized and cash flowing if the timeline to stabilization is reasonable. (Determined on a case-by-case basis).

We will provide information for you to make an intelligent decision on doing business with us.

If the project has merit with strong principal, a very good plan, capital to support the project until funding we can offer you good options.

We offer bank rate or market pricing, not hard money. Our rates are market competitive.

Minimum loan amount is $20M US with no maximums on asset based lending.


Required Documentation to get your project submitted:

The following documents will be necessary to successfully underwrite and fund your project:

First of all we want to see a clearly written overview in the form of an Executive Summary, while you have the following documents available:

• Business Plan or Executive Summary with actual or pro forma income statements 3 -5 years 

• Balance Sheet/Financial Statement/Cash Flow/P & L with YTD less than 90 days old (if applicable)

• Copy of Appraisal or other valuation (if available) 

• Expanded Resumes of all principals

• Line Item Detailed Use of Funds for short-term and long-term projections

• Exit strategy
 and ROI/IRR
• Financial statement-Personal

We will need principal(s) to show proof of funds invested to date in the project (if applicable), ability to pay for third party expenses which includes a site visit along with legal and due diligence.

We require a consultancy agreement with a fixed success fee, no upfront fees. Once we have an interested funding source looking at your project our agreement needs to become exclusive: we will be your only partner arranging for funding..

Please send us a message by using the 'Contact Us' form of this website.

You can also leave a comment under this presentation and we will review each and every one of them. If your project looks viable and worthwhile to any funding source we will contact you.

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Hospitality/ Resorts & Housing Project
by: Mahmoud Ali Alharith

It's my great pleasure to inform you that" we are looking for a serious capable professional financing and implementation firm , to construct a hospitality , resorts , hotels and housing .
It's site located in Ethiopia plans , land licences BANK Guarantees are available upon your letter of interest , plus a letter of power of attorney to me THE above name.
Best Wishes.
Mahmoud Ali Alharith Mustafa

by: Mr Emmanuel Abah





$5.7million needed to complete Waste Management Project
by: Mr. A. Udom

Dear Sir/Madam,
Domville ISWMF Limited is building a 300MT/day MSW Facility in Uyo, Nigeria. About 70% of our raw material is biodegradable so we will focus mainly on creating high quality compost. The rest of the waste will be sorted, baled and sold off.

We have invested over $4.7million in the project and we need a further $5.714million to complete the work and commence production.

This is a Public-Private Partnership Project involving the Akwa Ibom State Government and the Federal Government of Nigeria.

We accept any terms like JV or loans except upfront payment. Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, Signed Agreement, MOUs and other documents are ready should you require them.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


Akanimo Udom
Project Manager

Commercial Rental property
by: Krishnakala

Hi sir..,Am Krishnakala we Are in Realestate field from 15 years , my company Name is G.k constructions & It is Partnership firm As per( Indian partnership Act 1932 ) my husband & me both are partners in The company .was started in 2008. Now we want to start A pvt ltd company in Our location &

we want to Expand Our bussiness .. Right now we don't have Enough funds to invest so., We are Looking funds for Purchase Rental Commercial property Worth on 50,00000 USD . Can you suggest me Is it possible To 100% Investment on My Project ... If Ok, we Need 15 To 20 years For Loan Repayment.

Can you pls suggest me how to prepare Project Report & get Funds


Looking for 100,000 us dollars to fund documentary film project
by: Mr.Dean

My name is Mr.Dean and i live in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas.I'm doing a unique documentary film a strange creature in a pond,the local people are to afraid to go into tov this pond to swim/etc.i have a team of people ready to shoot this film and get this project started.this film will be sold to discovery channel/national geographic channel/etc after it's can contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Needs a loan for 3 ready to extract gold mine
by: mohamad hasan

Greetings: Iran Private required for debt or ready participatory My company has three mining gold exploitation license. The gold grades well above 20 ppm is a copper grade over 3% is 3 mine adjacent to each other and have the good access and close to the highway Mybashd.amadh to start mining there is a need for capital, please send my answer to the Persian translation. Thankful










through the contact us page of this website.

Proposed sapphire blue diamond mining
by: Justin kabaik

Hi I'm seeking financial assistance to arrange for feasibility studies on a new sapphire blue diamond mining here in Papua new Guinea. Pls your responds with positive replyment would be highly appreciated.regards justin

I am looking loan, JV - €10M ÷ €50M,
by: Janusz

Dear Sirs
I am looking loan, JV - €10M ÷ €50M, START UP, ecological estate of houses, R.O.I. > 40%, collateral of the loan is 100%, has character quasi Management Buy Out (MBO), Mezzanine Finance,
My offer is very interesting - 100% of the safety of financing and interest 10% annually, it is equivalent JV 58% / 42% for Lender, with a guaranteed ROI of> 40% per annum. for loan €25M ÷ €60M,

by: Anonymous

Hello, I am looking for a business loan of 10 million euros to 7 years and a grace period up to 15 months. The loan is necessary refining of Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Rh, Ru and other metals from e-scrap. E-scrap refining Place Latvia, Riga region. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you very much.

by: Anonymous

1.Tell us briefly about your organization. How did you start? What was your inspiration?

A) My organization is mikhail agro farms pvt ltd . I am having ten years experience in live stock ie. Sheep goat farming ,dairy farming and poultry etc .I am very much interested in this field and have vast experience

2.Explain the problem you are trying to solve ?How is it affecting the society? Give facts and information about your cause.

A) I want to expand and established and develop the farm . I only need funding support like donation like crowd funding venture fund investment .This is a 100% profitable business

3.Pitch your solution .What is your solution to solve this problem?

A)The only solution is to do the business on commercial basis by extending number of animals, it has a high demand of the product like milk, meat ,eggs etc daily use..

4. How many people will be positively impacted and in what way?

A) If i get support from crowd funding i will increase the worker also up to ten pairs couple at present one couple is looking after farm, on monthly salary

5. Discuss your fund utilization. How will you use the money raised? Give the distribution

A) For shed, Chopper machine, purchase of animals like buffaloes sheep and goats country hens including life insurance of animals etc..

dear sir / madam , I am sending details of 1st director and 2nd director pan card ,address proof, id proof, bank statement ,company R.O.C , company pan card and M.O.A (memorandum of article) I want to startup dairy farming business in Hyderabad i have seen lease land in Hyderabad I need 20 lacks INR working capital business loan or venture fund investment we are not having IT returns . we will pay back working capital in 3 years or we give good returns to investor 24% pa

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Mini LPG cylinder REfilling plant.
by: Anonymous

Am Looking for project funder for this type of project in nigeria'

1) Establishment of small 20ton lpg mini filling plant.

2) Establishing mini-lpg refilling system to about 700 household per location to about 250,000 household, with estimated 8kg usage per household per month.

3) 30% profit projection per kg.

4) 30 20ton Lpg transportation trucks.

5) 100% equity funding investors would be offered 65% controlling shares in the project and it would reduced as soon as capital and intrest are paid, as it would be agreed.

6) ROI = 3YRS

7) $ 5-7 million is needed.

Anyone who is intrested to finance the project 100% equity basis. I would provide all relevant details.
Looking forward in reading Your reply.
Ato Abeka.

VP Of Technical Support
by: Lumumba ONAKOY

Dear Sr.

We are a Kenyan based real estate development and investment Company working on expanding its partnership on project debt financing globally.
I am Eng. Dr. R. K. Bartile the founder and chairman of Villa-space Investment Group.
We have viable projects in East Africa, including 10,000 acres of fertile agricultural land with a river flowing though in Uganda for development.
We request for project debt financing and would be happy to partner with you in all our investments. We would be very grateful if you could finance our projects by making investment in form of a debt financing.
We are interested in your financing and if this proposal is acceptable to you, we are willing to co-operate with you by providing our full contact information and details of project documentation.

Awaiting your response and Allah be with you,

Please contact us through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Business upgrade
by: Deep Shrestha

I am from Nepal and have business in Nepal and its going well but due to market competition it would be better to upgrade my business so if there is anyone who can lend me $60000 USD as loan i would upgrade my business and am ready to pay interest and installment but i cant give any up front fees so if anyone interested on me, please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

hotel business funding
by: Ngugi peter M

I seek funding in the form of debt equity for a 3 star hotel project that is 86% complete. Its estimated value would be 10 m USD
we need 2.75m used to take out the original funding bank and a further 800,000 used to complete the project. loan and equity acceptable

project funding required
by: ravi kanth

I require project funding for construction of apartments in very prime residential location in coimbatore.will require only 50% of the government value of the for fund.the project takes only 2 years for completion and the extent of land is about 2 years.any institution which can immediatly fund without much of complications are welcome.we are ok with mortgaging the land to the funder.


RAGHUVAMSI TECHNOLOGIES AP. has developed iron ore pelletzation technology this advanced unique (iron ore fines converted to DRI ) technology which is not available established till now in India as well as other countries also.

Through this technology small, medium and major sponge iron manufacturing industries can directly convert as iron ore fines easily. Because of this technology sponge iron and steel manufactures will get lot of benefited.

We are planning to Commercialize technology, small and medium sponge iron manufactures were searching for new technologies, all steel and sponge iron producers are interested to utilize our technology, they would like to see the operation plant.

Unfortunately I don’t have fund to start the project, anyone support us financially start up -loan or credit type funding, I would like Commercialized pallet plant as early as possible.

We are not financially sound enough. We have applied for patent rights in JULY 2008, Through This technology fines can utilized properly, through this technology sponge iron production may level may ecpect increase up to 5.0 LACKS of CRORES per ANUM,

Now a day’s iron ore fines utilization is burning problem for Indian sponge iron manufacturers, and GOVT of India has already banned (IRON ORE) exports, day by day iron ore fines generation going up. Pebbles (lumps) not available as per required quantity.

We need financial assistance to commercialese this technology.

Thanking you,

Looking for a private money lender
by: Abdallah Fathy Awad

Looking for a private money lender who can lend $120,000 for a business start up. The business is a Scuba Diving Centre in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt which will also be equipped to cater for people with disability and special needs. The dive centre will offer diving courses and guided dives to anyone wishing to learn scuba diving or spend a holiday exploring the beauty of the Red Sea Underwater World.

Any loan terms accepted except loan terms which require to pay upfront fees.

Funding Scams
by: Marc

My reply to this last comment about $400 Million and looking to help pay for upfront fee:

this is most likely a scam.

Please read and check my article on Linkedin:

Loan Offer
by: Anonymous

Recently,My Client ( in Turkey)seeking for Business Loan $400,000,000 for 15 Years.
NB: My Clint's Accept All Loan Terms except Upfront fee.
I thank you for considering this important request and look forward to hearing from you.

CEO/Project Promoter
by: Olayiwola B

Our Company is developing 10 Blocks of 104 Rooms Hostel for a Federal University with 35,000 Students population whose facilities can barely accommodate 3,000. The University has adopted BOT arrangement lasting 21-Years with inital rate for 4-persons in a room to N400,000.00 per room, which brings revenue for 1040 rooms to N416,000,000.00 per annum.Addition revenue is expetect from integrated farms to be set up to produce foods for feeding of the students on ala chart basis which in turn estimated to bring in minimum of N200,000,000.00 per annum. Land for Hotels is to be provided by the University while the promoter is contributing 60 Hectares for the integrated farms to produce Yams, Yam flour, Rice, Chickens, Eggs, Bakery,Cattle & Goat Ranch for meat, Cassava for Gari etc to feed students on campus. The costs for Construction of the 1040 rooms and farms is put at N4,000,000,000.00 which can be developed in phases spanning 24 months while expected annua income is estimated at over N600,000,000.00.
We are seeking for funding of the project which has capacity of been replicated in at least 15- other Federal Universities

Require Funding
by: Sudeep

Require funds for mining bussines in India

looking for investor/funder
by: velan subramanian


looking for investor/funder for our export and import business based on agro products and also we planing to run chicken business which is very profitable project in malaysia...(cost usd 300k-500k) any upfront fee and any charges...if possible we are looking direct investor ...

thanks best regards,
Mr.Velan Subramanian

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Mutukula Forex Bureau ltd
by: Sempiira Joseph Nyagwa

Mutukula forex bureau is a newly set up company a need funding for its operations as start up capital. Located at the border of Uganda and Tanzania,the business company will be housed Uganda Revenue Authority warehouse building.
The purpose of this mail is to request for your partnership by providing funds as a start up capital.
You consideration is highly welcom.
Sempiira Joseph Nyagwa
Managing Director or call:+256781439170

abuja automobile village
by: mr Aliyu

pls we need found to build abuja automobile village

Hotel Financing Needed
by: Mark

We have a large hotel portfolio flagged we need funded. The deal is 3&4 Star with excellent returns. Please forward your contact information to me. Mark

Founder and CEO
by: Ebrima Fatty

Dear Sir/Madam

We are looking for a funding source to finance our startup company the SapGurus LLC. The Sapgurus LLC (Ref. L21430223) is a newly formed SAP focused Company formed by highly qualified, experienced and talented SAP Consultants. Before its incorporation, SAPGURUS has been run as a website with a blog and forum specializing in SAP related content. The Sapgurus is formed for two basic objectives: 1) General SAP Consulting 2) Software development on the SAP Platform. For a start we have sent a proposal to SAP with a view to engaging them on a possible partnership to develop an Islamic Banking solution on their platform. With the pace of growth in the Islamic Finance Industry, very soon SAP’s current and potential Customers all over the world will be asking for a solution that is Islamic Finance Compliant especially, as regards their core business.

"Growth in the Islamic banking sector continues to broadly outpace that of conventional banks in most systems in which Islamic banks have been established" (Khalid Howladar, Global Head of Islamic Finance at rating agency). The current estimated size of Islamic Finance Market ranges between $1.7 trillion to $ 2.1 trillion representing a little over 1% of the global finance market size which is estimated to be $156 trillion. Introducing in the equation an estimated compounded annual growth rate of 19.7%, will lead us to a conclusion that the future of Islamic Finance is, at the very least, bright.

Despite this potential for the growth of Islamic Finance, if you look around, you find only one or two players (small players for that matter, compared to SAP) that have provided any solution that are compliant with Islamic Banking, Treasury and Insurance requirements. With SAP’s well recognized leadership position in the ERP field, any fully Islamic compliant module developed on their platform will quickly establish itself as the industry standard.

We have developed a detailed business plan and also the Operating Agreement of the company and we are more than ready to share this with any interested investor.

We will be honored to hear from you, on this proposal.

Best Regards,

Ebrima Fatty
Founder Sapgurus LLC.

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of the website.











Environmental worldwide project
by: Gerhard Krieg

Geneva, CH-1208, Switzerland

Devulcanisation without De-polymerisation of waste rubber - huge amounts of waste rubber could be brought back into original manufacturing cycle.

Based on the Know-how - which is protected by international patent legislation - and the associated process technologies, gigantic amounts of waste rubber of all kinds could be brought back into the original manufacturing cycle. New products of equal or in part even better quality would result, with prices significantly below world market levels. In the final analysis this would also have notable effects on the worldwide crude oil markets.

The German Steinbeis - Institute confirmed in 1998 in a business report for the German Bank to the team members Mr. Büschleb, Mr. Bormann and Mr. Krieg the predicate "par exellance". Mr Krieg works as a freelance consultant in the Gershon & Lehrman Group for institutional and private investors. The last application was made 14 days ago by the Cerberus European Investment LLC in London.

How to get funded?
by: Marc

How to get your project funded? Please read my article on Linkedin.

Drinking Water Projects
by: Chanderdeep

We required to funding to start to drinking water and soft drink co. in India.please advise me about funding and formality

loan for small scale mine
by: musenge

I would like to have a loan for a small scale mining and mine consulting company.

start a multy Superspeciality hospital in India with 1500 Beded with 50% charity provided for poor patients provide from all patient from anywhere in world th
by: Binu John

Dear sir

I would like to start a multi super Specialty hospital and research center in India with Proton therapy unit , my expectation is 500 to 750 Million United state dollars or eaquilent , I would like invite 100% investing funder from anywhere in world , interested peoples contact me soon

Technical expert Ltd.
by: Andrey

We are ready to provide many projects in Russia which in search of the investor or the credit. Projects in the sphere of the real estate, the industry and agriculture. Also there is a need of financing of transactions in oil and gas sector.
Write me your interest and conditions of

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

State of the Art Hospital
by: Gyal Gapani

We have a 7 storey building of over 50 rooms in the heart of Abuja Nigeria. We want to use the building for State of the Art Hospital and therefore desirous to seek for financier to renovate and furnish the building with modern hospital equipments, doctors and personnel in order to provide health care services to the Nigeria and the entire African Countries.

carhire company
by: boniface

am in kenya mombasa city. am looking for 8000$ to boost my bussiness payment in 36 month

by: Anonymous

Dear Sir / madam

I Request for 9.2million $ For exploration in East Africa for elements .
the funds will by 3 expolation kits for kenya , Uganda ,Tanzania.
only 30% I need.


Geoffrey L. Lubia
Nairobi , Langata, otiende


hello gautam from india we need funding for our solar project in india we are ready for debt and equity 50 mw please reply regards

Funding or loans for Home Solar energy
by: Emmanuel


I am Emmanuel T. Pera, working as cooperative organizer and mission director of Zoe National Christian Mission Inc. (ZNCM) I worked as Project coordinator and in-charge of Training and Education for two cooperatives (Pinagsakayan Multi-Purpose Cooperative and Koinonia Multi-Purpose Cooperative) Both are members of ZNCM and our membership is with NCUT(National Coalition for Urban Transformation) which is a coalition of catholic and protestant churches, ministries and agencies who are working holistically in transformational development. I am also a Board member of Purelife and Wellness Incorporated, which process the fruits of Guyabano into concentrate in the bottle for sale.

Our project is Home Solar Energy for less fortunate coconut farmers and fishermen along the Pinagsakayan Peninsula. This place is 200 kilometers from Manila in the area of Calauag, Quezon. Our Cooperative members were all farmers and fishermen composed of 500 people not only in Brgy. Pinagsakayan but also included in the adjacent barangays. The coconut farmers were involved not only in farming but also in fishing along the Calauag Peninsula. We have been in this farming since year 2010, but due to the collapse of the fishing industry due to the illegal fishing, many of our members were still lacking in their income. The beneficiaries of the project are 200 upland farmers, all of them are Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries whose income have been devastated by the destruction of the local farming primarily because of recent typhoons. The electricity were also collapsed affected by the typhoons last year an dnowtyphoon Nina and most of them have no electricity, they cannot afford to get because of low income from fishing and coconut. The purpose of this project is to provide additional income for our cooperative and to provide free electricity for our members in the form of loan. The current problems for rural communities actually spend a lot of money on energy sources such as generators and disposable batteries. Second, the few households that did have solar panels were often disappointed in their performance because the systems were badly installed, or because of limited access to maintenance. Our plan is to put a home solar power in the form of loan, and they will pay it monthly on a minimum terms and conditions.
In connection with this we are seeking and inquiring from outside sources like yours, If we are qualified to apply for grants or loans on this project. We are in the process of sourcing funds for this project not only from our country but also from outside sources. The amount needed for each family is 30,000 thousand pesos, equivalent to 650 dollars, Our initial project is to provide home solar power energy just for 100 families. So we would be needing 65,000 thousand dollars their counter part is 50% of the budget. If we have 65,000 dollars we would be providing for 200 families or homes.

The returns from the solar home electricity are such that the start-up capital can be made available to the participants in the form of loans from 1-3 years depending on each individual circumstance. The loans will be made by the cooperative comprising the members. The repaid capital will provide part of the resources needed to expand the project in future years and to develop the cooperative in new directions. The local government unit and several government agencies are lending their support to this project which will be a pilot project for what is a very depressed area.

Furthermore, As an Organizer I would like to inquire if we are qualified to apply for a grant or loan on this project.

Sincerely Yours,
Emmanuel T. Pera

by: Prince

Am Prince, am currently investing in off- campus student hostel accommodation. am seeking a joint venture, partnership or a loan to initiate the project.
I currently have 2 acres of land available to initiate the project.


jv abro project
by: ashok todakar

We are from kolhapur India. We interested in sugarcane processing for jaggery and powder for export. Need jv fund for startup and project.

by: DR Ir Yans Syahranie.M Sc

I still need loan minimum $500 million USD to we build business Realestate . And office Building In Indonesia now

Construction and Interior Design Ltd -will be specializing in residential, commercial and industrial interior design and construction in domestic and international markets
by: Prester

Prex Construction and Interior Design Ltd will be specializing in residential, commercial and industrial interior design and construction in domestic and international markets. The firm will provide architectural services using technologically superior processes, providing greater value for clients and enhanced design and construction. The target client is segmented into four categories; home owners, developers, government, and contractors.

Nairobi city has been growing by 10% annually for the past five years. Currently, the city's population is 3.915 Million. Most importantly, the greatest population increase is in the outskirts of Nairobi such as Karen, Runda and Kileleshwa which is the city's most affluent area. The 1million residents of the area have an average income of $200,000 and the average home is valued at $350,000. The new construction in these areas of the city is valued at 600 million dollars in home sales next year alone. Growth in the area has also generated increase remodeling of existing homes. Last year, remodeling projects were up 20% over the previous year and accounted for $20 million paid for remodeling services in the area.

The building and remodeling in Nairobi has increased the demand for interior design services. Last year, residential interior design companies generated $4 million in sales in the greater Nairobi area. Forecasts for next year predict that there will be an increase of 11% in sales.

Prex Construction and Interior Design Ltd will offers a wide range of interior design services to meet any client's needs in Nairobi:
On-site consultations;
Project survey & analysis;
Space planning & furniture arrangement;
Design concepts;
Finishes & furnishings;
Custom designs;
Purchasing, delivery, & installation;
Project coordination & management.

I have 6 years of experience with the city's top interior designs firms.  I have been successful in creating a base of former clients that will refer new business to my designers.

Prex Construction and Interior Design Ltd seeks an investment funding of $500,000 as start-up capital. The investors can have a share of the company at 15%.

The most significant challenges ahead include securing a suitable location, establishing the initial client base, and ultimately positioning the firm to be able to have a presence in a larger, global market.

Establishing a Crude Oil Refinery
by: Dr. Ashraf Sentso

I need a Joint venture investment Partner to develop a crude refinery in South Africa. The envisaged capacity will be 200,000 Brls / day and will be located on a Special Economic Zone area (free trade area).

The have secured the following; land, crude oil supply, 30% local funding and good government support. We are at Pre-feasibility Stage.

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.


Dr. Ashraf Sentso.

Proposal on mass independent energy supply
by: ShaibuMusa

incorporated in Nigeria in the year
1992; we operate through 3 segments, financial
intermediation, direct
marketing of consumer products and consumer
support services.
Our conservative approach is designed to help
households, professionals,
fixed income earners both in public and private
sectors to acquiring
quality consumer products in a flexible manner
and consistent with their
income patterns.
We shall like to partner with you on mass direct
products delivery to our
target consumers in a sustainable manner.
We have a business proposal that is aimed at
achieving sales figure not
less than 200,000 packages of different capacities
of Home Solar Power
systems in every 3 months in Nigeria.
We shall be grateful if you could provide an
opportunity for further
discussion in the quest for forging a good
business relationship between us.
Thank you.
Shaibu Musa

Commercial Real Estate project funding required !!
by: Bhaskar Thatti

I have a commercial real estate project idea needing $100M here in my city in India with great long term growth potential.I prefer the funding to be equity based in which the investor can have higher share holding. Very reasonable ROI can be expected for a long term.

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.



I need your help for a loan
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Simao, from Soyo Republic of Angola. Please I need your help. I conceived a project of bottling bottles of butane gas, for cooking, the type used in Angola. Measures 6, 12, 35 and 51-kgs. With the Angola - LNG project in Soyo, I would like to satisfy the market within the province of Zaire and other, where the precious gas arrives with difficulties. Lacking me money for this business and I am obliged to resort to your company to ask a loan for this purpose. I also request technical and material support ( assistance) for the project, now I waiting to hear from you, and documents to present on my behalf.

project funds
by: krishnakala


I am seeking for project funds to purchase land & start a construction apartment in india
The funds required is in the region of $500,000. I have a business plan available for review.

Best regards,


grafted tree tomato funding
by: denis kanyugo

am a graduate in kenya unemployed need funding to support my farm of 1500 tree tomato grafted will highly appreciate contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Agriculture seed project fund
by: olivia mwoonde

My name is olivia in Namibia. i am presenting our organisation. we have project for agriculture farming project business that will produce food such as fruits and vegetables and also crops. we are seeking investors to fund our project to startup.

Need funding for 100 year old mining co with Gem Stone Inventory Collateral
by: Anonymous

Our client is in Gem Stone including Diamonds mining business. The company has been in Family for 100 years based in the US. Now looking for raising funding and can be raised against collateral of gem stone inventory valued at $900m to $1.2b. Looking for $500m to expand operations.

by: Ahsen Aziz ' Sonny'

The amazing offers of 100% funding for our project in Karachi is waiting for your assistance, once you think it's feasible we will proceed with required docs and arrange official visit to our HQ at Dubai and site office at Karachi.
Yes indeed, we will be proud to have you as our partners.


by: Egils

Hello! There is a new idea and knowledge to carry out a new project requires a loan. Implementation of the project it is necessary to EUR 10 000 000 with credit holidays up to 15 months. Pledge not. The 100% loan is needed to buy an e-scrap refining line with a processing capacity of 8 tons a day to recover from e-scrap Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Cu and other metals. Maturity 5 years. If the information on the loan is real, I'll be glad to work with you. Looking forward to your reply.
Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Real estate development
by: Muhammed Ismail Aboo


Pacific Limited, Malawi branch is interested in getting a long term loan for real estate development. Pacific limited owns several plots and has ready and development plans for commercial properties with 3 year return excluding land value. The longest return in our projects available is 7 years excluding land value.

We have a large rental base from several countries and that can be a garauntee to the interest.

by: Syed Raza

Well I have three AWG Plants sovereign Guarantee approved Projects,I need EPC and Finance,I need percentage once the Sovereign Huarantee and letter I sjow you and than we deal,as you confirm the status.


Big Agriculture project in Egypt
by: Mahmoud Elbahloul

The Pitch
As Saudi pans animal feed production on its land this will increase feed prices and sheep prices in Saudi Arabia.
we have a land just near by the port and this port is only 9 hours by ship from Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
our project is to plant animal feed for export to Saudi Arabia and raise sheep and poultry for local market and export to Saudi Arabia.
on the 10000 acres we have got primary approval from the government to make our project we have complete study for the first 5 years showing 30% ROCE from 4th year with 10 % ROI for 2nd and 3rd years.
The Market
I have been working for the biggest Agriculture companies in Saudi Arabia for 8 years I know all the big Saudi customers and have supplied them for many years and already spoke to them for products from here and they are willing to contract with us . Also we have a very good local market prices for all the project product .
we have the customers.
we have the expertise.
we have found and examined the land.
we have got primary approvals.
we have a great market opportunity.
we have 30% ROCE from 4th year
Capital Needed US15,000,000
we aim to establish a completely independent 10,000 Acres project that produces 50,000 tons of alfalfa yearly, export 30,000 of them to Saudi Arabia , reach 20,000 heads of sheep from 3rd year with 30,000 heads sales yearly from 4th year and start up chicken farm from 2nd year to slaughter 1000,000 chicken yearly from 4th year. we have to plant other crops for the Agr. program and we have a great local market in Egypt as we have a huge market gape and great prices because of imported prices increased due too week Egyptian pound .

Need 100% Loan for Retail Shop Operation in Papua New Guinea
by: Charles Warisi


I am Charles Warisi from Papua New Guinea.

I need a loan of $200, 000.00 USD to start up my Retail Supply shop in very remote location of Papua New Guinea, where access is difficult.

I have a business plan available. Should anyone want to help fund my initiative or wish for a partnership, it can be arranged.



100% Green Solar Funding for Projects in Ghana _ ASAP
by: Akwasi Appiah

Green 100% Funding for Solar Projects in Ghana:-

Sustainable Independent Solar Micro-Grids _ Industrial & Commercial _ 1MW-100MW _ 25yr min PPA_ 25yr Warranty & Guaranty _ 100% Funding _ ISO20001+; AAA+ Quality _ Bankable _ ASAP
Thank You and Hope to hear from you soon!

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Your's Sincere,
Akwasi Appiah.


Need funding for an upcoming hotel chain aaporx. 2 million usd with assured roi in India for further detailed project and feasibility report please contact us through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

I want to loan for Real Estate business in Cambodia
by: Touch Matini

I'm from Cambodia I am looking for loan for long term around 10years period to buy and sell real estate in Cambodia as now real estate business in Cambodia got better and better up and up price so I want to loan amount USD$10,000,000 for this business. I hope you can provide me with this loan in easy condition.

Loan for Medical College
by: Sharath Chandra

Dear Sir/ Madam,
My client asked loan for a
New Medical College.
His Hospital has a turnover of about
36 Cr Annually.
As of now his requirement
is 300 Crores.
My client will start a New
Medical College in the Hospital
Premises for MBBS from next year
because MCI has given him permission
to start the course with 150 seats.
He will have about 30% Management
Quota.That is how he wants to have
The merit cum Management quota seats
and run the Medical Business.

He will Mortgage his 24 Acre Hospital
cum College land for the loan.

He currently has a bank loan with 11%
Interest rate. He wants to get Private
Finance for a lesser interest rate to
Cover expenses of extra infrastructure
for the Medical College.
We believe this business is lucrative in
India . Also we believe it will deliver
Quality Healthcare in India and will help
Meet the WHO and Indian Goal of HealthCare.

Let me know if you are ready to finance this project.

Funding to execute Government Project - Ghana
by: Raymond Agbanu

I have a client who undertake Government of Ghana projects in Road Construction and School Building. The total cost of the current project is $4.0 million road construction. We are looking for an investor to partner my client in undertaking the project. He is ready to discuss the partnership agreements with the investor and together sign the contract with the Government of Ghana. The contract payments will be agreed between the Investor and the Government of Ghana and my client.

Thanks and regards,

Need a loan for produce eco friendly products

Sir, I am an advocate in India. I am also doing trading business last 10 years in the field of bio organic products. I am having all kinds government registrations and filling income tax regularly. Presently to I move to manufacturing the items. So, I am excepting loan for setup land and building , machinary.

by: Anonymous

Hello! There is a new idea and knowledge to carry out a new project requires a loan. I am interested in your offer loans%? year. Implementation of the project it is necessary to EUR 10 000 000 with credit holidays up to 15 months. Pledge not. The 100% loan is needed to buy an e-scrap refining line with a processing capacity of 8 tons a day to recover from e-scrap Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Cu and other metals. Maturity 7 years. If the information on the loan is real, I'll be glad to work with you. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much.

liquid natural gas
by: voi aguilar


am looking for project funder for this type of project in Philippines.

1.establishment of small size LNG depo of LNG ( imported in ISOTANKTAINER.
2. establishment of LCNG refilling system
3.LNG hauling trucks
4. Bus body building (LNG CNG)
5.LNG skid type power plant using cummins generators)5MW to 20MW
6.Rolling Mill, Billets to steel bars

total initial project cost is usd30M

roi 2 years


Voi Aguilar

Contact me via the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Need a loan for a Doctor and big solar projects
by: Anonymous

I have a client who is a doctor needs to purchase medical equipment he needs a business loan of $1500000. I am ready with all the information you need.

Best regards,
Sanjay Biswas

Attraction/Amusement parkt
by: Anonymous

we are looking for an investor to help us put up and medium size Amusement Park in The Bicol Region, Philippines.
A feasibility study has been conducted and it showed a great opportunity here. the Business will target a mass population of over 5M people. it will be the first of its kind in the region and we guarantee a very promising revenue and very fast ROI.
The project is requiring to start an amount of us$8M to acquire the property and to start the constructions.
our options to funds the project are 2:
1- is 100% debt funds payable in a period of 11 years. offered collateral is the project itself with all its realestate and bldgs.
2- partnership
for more details i will be glad to answer all inquiries and questions.
god bless.

Sir can you advance your loan for the projects in India ? I need it for socieconomic project regards m y patek msc mba ceo ketki exports nasik maharshtra state india myp786@gmail com
by: Mosadique nasik india

Sir i am from india can youadvance loan for the projects India ihave some good socioeconomic projects which are also viable i was governmrnt officer Msc mba from nasik maharashtra state india sir i have had very bad exp of some lenders on net they just drmand money like insurance fee transfer fee and when paid we never get the desire loan i request you to give me loan for this poverty alleviation programme to some extent in india to someextent it is my humble request willgi e you strong collateral Regards m y patel msc mba ceo ketki expprts Nasik india

by: Egils

Hello! There is a new idea and knowledge to carry out a new project requires a loan. I am interested in your offer loans%? year. Implementation of the project it is necessary to EUR 5 000 000 with credit holidays up to 12 months. Pledge not. The 100% loan is needed to buy an e-scrap refining line with a processing capacity of 8 tons a day to recover from e-scrap Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Cu and other metals. Maturity 7 years. Thank you very much.

We need small loan.
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir,
I am from Siliguri West Bengal India. This part of the country is not having scope of starting manufacturing company due to difficulties in doing business. We have small and marginal business who are also fund starved.
Can you formulate any system through which the people here can get easy and cheap fund to run and grow their business.

solar power project 500 million USD and 200 million USD infrastructure projects required equity funding
by: Gopal Naik

Dear Sir
This is Gopal Naik from Bangalore Karnataka India. I am financial consultant. I have lots of clients who looking solar power project with PPA Agreement and infrastructure projects. 3 projects in my hand.we news genuine equity based investor genuine required. I saw your funding in web.please send me your equity funding procedure and terms.
My email ID-
Gopal Naik
Bangalore Karnataka

Urban tenants.association of kenya,
by: Ephraim Murigo

My email finds you well, my name is Ephraim murigo I am the secretary general urban tenants association of Kenya, this is the national tenants organization in Kenya. kenya has about 17 million tenants and more than seven million have no clean drinking water We are community based working profits. However since our authorities are not able to supply water to more than seven million we have as society developed a concept to look for a partner to fund our project where we drill ground water and supply to our members at no cost at all who will only pay membership fee of USD 50 per year, we intend to register 1 million members and realise USD 50 million in about 5 yrs with enough to share and pay your loan in a maximum of 10 yes.budget USD 3.3 million.

Funding for a Precious Metal Mine
by: Nello Gray

To whom this concerns;

Simply put, we are in search of funding to
re-start a gold mine with proven reserves.
The required funding will be $100M USD.
We have the Executive Summary, Business
Plan. Also available, will be an appraisal,
a picture of the present contents on the mine
site along with an appraisal complete with
standard cash flow projections. There is much
more info for your review. Look to hear back
from you soon. Thanks for your time.

Loan for buy a lcommercial land
by: hari shrestha

hello sir i am from nepal i want to buy a land about the cost of 3000m dollars to make a commercial building and have profit within a year please inform me .

by: Egils

Hello! There is a new idea and knowledge to carry out a new project requires a loan. I am interested in your offer loans%? year. Implementation of the project it is necessary to EUR 5 000 000 with credit holidays up to 12 months. The loan is needed to buy an e-scrap refining line with a processing capacity of 8 tons a day to recover from e-scrap Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Cu and other metals. Maturity 7 years. If the information on the loan is real, I'll be glad to work with you. Looking forward to your reply.Thank you very much.

Project Financing in any form
by: Fikereselassie ayele

Dear Sirs/Madam,
After wishing you the very best of luck & success in all your 2016 remaining work plans, we would like to establish strong relationship with your group to closely work together as fully committed strong professional team tied up to one another & enjoy all the mutual benefits of our outstanding projects.
1) We have vast areas of Gold, emerald, Diamond, tantalum, Titanium ore, different types of game stones & basic metal mining sites the investment of which can be collected back in 4 years maximum. We also have some quantity of games stones ready for export. We need investor partners & buyers for these items.
2) We have Real Estate development & many other lucrative projects including framings, solar power project & Drilling of oil & gas (exploration is complete).
3) We are always looking for a partner investors and new and cheaper technology for construction of low cost & affordable houses. There is a demand for over two million similar houses and we are working hard to construct & sell a minimum of 300,000 medium cost residential houses which entail a profit margin of over US$16 billion.
4) We also have different community humanitarian projects looking for charity funds. We expect private business development grants, long term loan, partnership or net profit sharing investment partners and/or providers of long time insurance or bank guarantees to be given to lenders or to project financiers as collateral of the loan. We attached our simple project summaries for your kind review and selection of project of your own interest.
5) Requesting of long term international loan or partnership or net profit sharing.
6) Lending body: Any willing bank or private companies or financial holdings.
7) Amount $180 million to 8 billion long term loan.
8) Duration of the loan: 15 to 20 years including 2 years of grace period.
9) Collateral: Our project + Insurance guarantee (To be arranged from top world insurance companies)
10) Purpose of the loan: To implement the projects summarized and attached (highly lucrative projects)
11) Implementing company: Alfael PLC + local companies + any foreign partner companies.
12) Project Location: Ethiopia for now with future expansion to Somaliland, Kenya & UAE.
13) Nature of the project: Highly profitable with over 24% internal rates of returns.
14) Project owner: private Consortium with possible joint-venture or Annual Net Profit sharing.
15) If lenders want net profit sharing term, they can take up to 20% of the annual net profit.
16) Our local banks are Buna International bank, united bank, Wegagen bank, Dashen Bank S.C and commercial bank of Ethiopia which have good relation with top world correspondent banks such as: City bank (USA, UK), Commerz bank of Germany (Frankfurt), Banka Intensa: Italy, Ebisa Eco bank of Paris (France), Natitxis Poplaires banques of France, Standard Chartered bank of USA, City bank of USA, HSBC & all other European, UAE, Middle East & Asian popular banks having Insurers contacts as well.
17) The consultants & fund facilitators who may assist us in our project financing will have un believable consultancy & facilitations contracts both from Government, private & public enterprises including banks in future once they prove their competence in our case as stated in this paper.
NB We are principal project owners & we are happy to pay reasonable consultancy or facilitation fees for our facilitators, more reasonable fees for partnership facilitators and the best fees for startup & grants facilitators. Any fees or payments to be made by the borrower to the facilitating consultants will be subtracted from the loan proceed by the lenders & be transferred directly to the account of the concerned beneficiaries at the spot according to the NCND agreement to be signed between us.
All your kind co-operation & assistance in this regard is highly appreciated.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Very sincerely yours, CEO, ATAI PLC

Mining projects funding..
by: Anonymous

I have several clients with mining projects who look for 100% investors to cover the establishing costs. Projects values range form USD 10 million to 300 millions. They also prefer not to be asked to pay for documents, legal charges, insurance..etc. If this is possible I hope we can engage in the 1st project as soon as you response to me. Thank you

by: Olivia mwoonde

My name is olivia i have project for agricultural farming for fruits and vegies farming a d live stock farming i need seed capital and startup fund from 1000,000US to startup my project business, can you fund my agri business project in Namibia? Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

by: Egils

Good afternoon. It is required 100% loan computer scrap refinery purchase of equipment, hangar construction, land acquisition, working capital and other expenses for refined Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu and other metals. The project cost of EUR 5 000 000. Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website. Thank you very much.

funds for five automobile plant
by: king felix agbanyim

we are seeking for big funds for Technology, Mining, Real Estate ,automobile,

Dr Fish
by: Donna Grace

I an looking for a debt loan for my concept of Dr Fish stores throughout Australia. These are body spa shops where people come and have Pedicures where FISH called Garra nibble the dead skin from people's feet . This Unique creative therapy is also used for Skin Conditions such as psoriasis ect. This concept is not in Australia only overseas and I believe opening health spas in Australia with this Unique style of pedicures is a absolute Goldmine. I live on the Gold Coast and no one has this here so many Tourists flock here each year which everyone would Love to try. Dr Fish is a franchise so regulations are all ready in place and it's a extremely successful business. Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website. Thankyou Donna

Start up Dairy farming project funding in Assam, India
by: P.K.Garodia

Dear Sir,
It gives me a pleasure to write you that we are planning to set
up a complete Dairy farming and processing project in Golaghat
district, Assam (India) and require a finance for the same.
Please note the following point we like:
Capacity of cows is 500Nos and increased upto1000 Nos. in future,
Hydroponic Fodder system,
Bio Gas power generation,
Bio fertilizer,
purified water ,
Cattle feed production unit as per our need,
Pouch packaging of milk- 500ml &1000ml.,
Milk processing for sweet making,

In conclusion, it should be latest state of art, Hi-tech integrated
Dairy Farm Project in Assam.
Estimated project cost is around $ 5000000 USD
Land available with us is around 7-8 Acres.
We will sell farm fresh milk directly to consumers here and the
selling price is Rs 35-40/liter where is cost is Rs.22-24/liter -
Gross profit will be 35-55%.

Now, may I request your good self to send me your terms and procedures
for international funding .Is it possible 90% + funding
With kind regards.

Pradipkumar Garodia
Chief Promoter
Golaghat,Assam (India)

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Pharmaceutical Medicine Manufacturing Project
by: sb201648

Dear Sirs/Madam,

I am an Indian Professional working as a Global Sales & Marketing Head for a Company in India.

I could search on Google about your company and could know that, your company is financing Project Globally.

I have one project of establishing and running Human Pharmaceutical Medicine Manufacturing Unit in Rwanda, East Africa.

To brief about Total project cost and working capital requirement for the project is of around USD 7 Million for the project. Return of Total Investment in 2 Years from the beginning of the Production.

Anyone, who is interested to finance the project on 100 % Equity basis, I can provide all relevant details, as require to take decision.

Contact through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

$1000000 funding to buy 10 trucks and ten 34side tipper trailers
by: Gloria

I need$ $1000000. 100% to buy 10 trucks and ten 34 tone side tipper trailers for coal transportation from mines to Eskom power station and nearrest Habours like Durban Richard Bay and Mozambique.To get a direct contract they need 10.trucks upwards.If I get the money I will return it within 2 years

requesting getting fund
by: Fekadu


I am seeking funds to purchase land for development in order to build 3000 1, to 3 bedroom apartments / flats for rent in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and Bahirdar.
The funds required is in the region of $70,000,000. I have a business plan available for review


India,s Bangalore based coffee countyresorts stand by looking 150Individual poolvilla,s SPA resort consruction40million US$ Mortgage loan
by: yoganand

we from India,s Bangalore based coffee countyresorts,we had in world
kinds of colors&Kinds of view commercial rich green coffee estate
site,this site rich attractive world wide kind sof rich long time stay
tourists&Asian pacific region tourists.

Bangalore in world leading no 2 software exports hubs,Space
hubs,aeronautic hubs,in world kinds of software hubs etc nearst my
site,also exsting 2no big lakes for boating.

sit had india,s all metro cities connect Nh 4lane finst roads,so
always rich flouting zone from international&Domestic tourists.

Also Bangalore in In world leading o 2software exports hubs,space
hubs,aeronautic hubs,in world kinds of sftware groups billion
investment to Bangalore,,also US Drone Airo croft Billion investment
to Bangalore.

So Bangalore had 5-6million more software tikes, revelers exports my resort site rich attractive software exports,Corporate etc
for meeting,delegations, conference etc 1 month 20-26days.Software
tikes, revelers comto stay weekend,holidays etc.also we rich
attractive Honey moons, couples etc.

so coffee county resort truly always 100%occupancy business.NOTE we
get all permeation from gov tof department,so we humbly request yours
investment to my site mortgage loan 40million US$.
also we planed setup resorts Indias all metro cities&Asin paci-fic we reached 2020 800-1000 villa,s ,we create job to youths we humbly requist yours dont hesitate contact us
swift.SO we Rich interest you company,so we stand by looking Next
pross,its project team work so hole team stand by looking contact us
immediate.also rich intrest your group.for next process.

kinds of regard
c yoganand

by: Muan

I admire this organization very much for how they work. They are doing great work by funding. We are also doing self voluntary work in our region. Hope we can do more works towards the society and helping children, if this organization is interested in funding and partner with us. Thanks

A business loan of US$3,500,000.00 or $3,000,000.00 Euros.
by: Luciano de Oliveira Figueiredo.

I am seeking a business loan for my cargo transport company. I am getting a big business and I need to put my company ready for it.
I am seeking a loan of US$3,000,000.00 or $3,000,000.00 euros,for paying in 240 months. I am honest, serious minded and trust worthy.
So, could you help me?
Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Fund loan
by: blaise

I am in Congo Brazzaville i am looking the loan and partner to start the travel bus pesenger the business is profitable now with our new road

Funds for Projects
by: Altaf

Need Funds at low cost similar to or around @ LIBOR for Up Grading, Restructuring our Reconstituting existing Family Business. We are looking for funds starting minimum from 2 Million $ up to 150 Million $ for projects planned at different locations in India. A Brief Business Summary would be furnished with Projects envisaged. Looking forward to hear positively from the interested Persons or Agencies at the earliest.

With Regrards


Personal Business Loan
by: Nicholas

I'm a Ugandan citizen requesting for a personal business loan of $2.3M  US. 
 I want to construct a commercial building/plaza in Kampala the capital of Uganda and i'll manage to pay an interest of 14.7%  in a duration of 6years.
I'm looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.

Please only serious reaction
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for an investor, I want to build pyrolysis plant.
I am willing to pay 8% interest.
I need an amount of 275,000euro
This amount I can pay back within a year
hopefully someone wants to works with me.

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.


fund for developing players
by: hari shrestha

I have project named hks football school.I want about 2000000$ for school making football ground and making school for players.I want to make our teens project is to give teens education and well trained players.I have my business plan .I want it fast if you help me I will do my project in work.
Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Hotel and apartment project
by: Anonymous

I need money for a hotel apartments boutique hotel in Tema Ghana It is uncompleted.Please it will be greatly appreciated if you can contact me
Contact me via the contact us page of this website.



For Loan
by: Mohammad Aminullah

100% Funding Real Estate Project
by: Mohammad Aminullah


I am seeking funds to purchase land for development in order to build 5000 1, to 4 bedroom apartments / flats for rent in Bangladesh.
The funds required is in the region of $700,000,000. I have a business plan available for review.

Best regards,

Mohammad Aminullah.

by: Remi

we need $40,000,000 to execute our hotel & resort project in Nigeria.

100% Funding Waste-Energy Project.

Dear Sir/Madam Im seeking funds to construct a 2.5-3 MW project,waste to energy.I need $6.5 millions.The yearly income will be $1.7 million.I have a business plan at your disposal.

Contact me through the Contact Us page of this website.

Looking for JV
by: Anonymous

We are looking for project funder in BRUNEI and MALAYSIA. Email:
Contact us through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Land for gold mining
by: Jerry Davidson

I need a loan of15,000 dollars to buy land and possible mining operations funding in Ghana

hk mart
by: hadi

My name is hadi from lebanon am seeking for a loan about 40 millions dollars for buying a land and build a big mart like k mart, is it possible to build my project?

Loan for real state project
by: Harry

I am looking for a loan of 6 million for a real state project in New Delhi. India.
Is it possible to get the loan

100% Funding Real Estate Project
by: H. E. James


I am seeking funds to purchase land for development in order to build 5000 1, to 4 bedroom apartments / flats for rent in the UK.
The funds required is in the region of $700,000,000. I have a business plan available for review.

Best regards,


Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

steel melting factory

I am seid from Addis Ababa Ethiopia
my e mail
I do have a plot of leased land of 10000 sqm and completed 80pcnt of factory bldng at about total
investmen of usd 1.5 million
I need jv and fund about usd 150 milion to complete my steel melting / RIBAR/ Fctory and i need experties help too

by: IgorsIrbe

I need a loan of USD 5 .m two commercially mortgage projects in Latvia

Project Financing in any form
by: Anonymous

Letter of intent for bridge & long term loans or Partnership for project financing
Dear project financiers, financial consultants, loan facilitators, grant makers or private business developers. First of all we would like to express our highest regards for you & our best wishes of the Year 2016. We would be happy & great full if you carefully review our application for bridge & long term or for any form of financing our summarized & attached projects including partnership (net profit sharing for Lenders).
1) Lending body: Any willing bank or private companies or financial holdings.
2) Amount $3 to $8 million bridge loan and/or $50 million up to 8 billion long term loan.
3) Duration of the loan: 4-5 years for bridge loan & 12-15 years for term loan including grace period.
4) Collateral: Our project + Insurance guarantee (To be arranged by Lender at Borrower’s account).
5) Purpose of the loan: To implement different highly lucrative projects.
6) Implementing company: Our Local + any partner local or foreign company.
7) Project Location: Ethiopia, Somaliland, Punt Land (Quiet & peaceful), Kenya & UAE.
8) Nature of the project: Highly profitable with over 24% internal rates of returns.
9) Project owner: private Consortium with possible joint-venture or Annual Net Profit sharing.
10) If lenders want net profit sharing term, they can take up to 25% of the annual net profit.
11) Our local banks: Dashen Bank, United bank, Wogagen bank & NIB International S.C Which have good relation with top world correspondent banks such as: City bank (USA, UK), Comerz bank of Germany (Frankfurt), Banka Intensa: Italy, Ebisa Eco bank of Paris (France), Natitxis Poplaires banques of France, Standard Chartered bank of USA, City bank of USA, HSBC & all other European, UAE, Middle East & Asian popular banks having Insurers contacts as well.
12)The financial & project financing consultants & fund facilitators who may assist us in our project financing will have un believable consultancy & facilitations contracts both from Government, private & public enterprises including banks in future once they prove their competence in our case.
NB We are principal project owners & we are happy to pay reasonable fess to the facilitators consultants who may assist us in this regard until the end of the deal provided that such fees to be made by the borrower to the facilitating consultants being subtracted from the loan proceed by the lenders & be transferred directly to the account of the concerned beneficiaries at the spot.
We commit ourselves to pay reasonable consultancy/ facilitation fees to our facilitators, more reasonable fees to partnership facilitators and the best fees for startup & grants facilitators.
All your kind co-operation & assistance in this regard is highly appreciated.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Very Sincerely Yours, CEO, Alfael Trade & Investment PLC.

For more information: Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

seeking 100% $300 Million Funding OR loan for A luxery hotel Resort project
by: Anonymous

I need a 100% $300 Million Founding for A luxery hotel Resort project for more informations contact me please private
Thank you .

Funding for Acquisition/Development of Commercial and Residential Properties
by: Anonymous

The real estate industry of Papua New Guinea has experienced significant growth parallel with the infrastructure boom from the LNG project. Top-end and medium range housing segments have undergone some contraction after the project completion. Low-end housing demand continues to rise due to increased urbanisation and while the government and businesses in the industry are working to address the issue of affordable housing, demand continues to outstrip supply.

Require funding for the acquisition/re-development of Commercial Property and development of Residential Property in Papua New Guinea.

Contact me trough the Contact Us page of this website.


Debt Funding for Gold Refinery/India
by: Dave


My company seeks ground floor prospects in all facets of the Commodities/Precious Metals Sector. I have a client that is in search of debt financing for a gold refinery in India. Due to recent changes to the taxation on importing gold by the Indian Government, along with the fact that India is one of the three largest consuming gold countries globally, a domestic refinery is now economically feasible. The management team is already in place and well qualified to both operate the refinery as well as leverage their past relationships for product. I have attached a teaser for your viewing. Please let me know how we can move forward.

How to apply for funding:
by: Marc

Please send an executive summary with an overview of the project.

Send it to the 'Contact Us' page on this website.

• specify the $ amount you are looking for
• make a brief description of the project and the use-of-funds
• describe the team that manages the project
• explain how much you are investing yourself in the project
• what are you offering the investors
• what is the planned exit and when?

I have written an article about this on Linkedin:

Send your information to the 'Contact Us' page on this website.


We need JV investment/loan/fund USD 500M each tranche minimum USD 100M for our various projects.
by: Uttara Group of Companies Ltd

Dear Sir,

We need JV investment/loan/fund USD 500M each tranche minimum USD 100M for our various projects. If you are investor contact.

Best Regards,

Uttara Group of Companies Ltd.

9-D Motijhel C/A 3rd floor

Samabaya Bank Bhaban

Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Ph: +8801920941126/+8801771028977

Fax: 880-2-9349118




U.S. Hotel Development & Management Company Seeking JV, Investor, Financiers
by: Brett


We are a reputable Hotel Development and Management Company looking for funding and real financial strength in Partners, Investors or Lenders to participate in absolutely excellent strong locations to BUILD higher end Select Service, Extended Stay and Smart Full Service Hotels in the United States (mostly in the Midwest or central geographical area of U.S.) These are truly "no brainer" locations and will be extraordinary performers and ramp up fast and stabilize very quickly. Looking for serious, logical, honest, high integrity and character individuals to join us and share success with. We are experts and can get it done. We have the unparalleled experience and passion. You will not be disappointed. Please don't disappoint us or waste each other's time if you do not have pure intentions or the well-with all to provide us with the funding or partnership we need. We look forward to speaking with and meeting serious individuals that can act quick and not waste time.

Please connect with us through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Requirement of loan Real estate client in India

Hello Marc,

I have a prospective client who needs a $30M Real estate Loan

Can you help me on this?

Thank You !

Prabhat Khurana
Chartered Financial Analyst
Candid Finserve

Executive summary
by: Marc

Please send an executive summary with an overview of the project.
• specify the $ amount you are looking for
• make a brief description of the project and the use-of-funds
• describe the team that manages the project
• explain how much you are investing yourself in the project
• what are you offering the investors
• what is the planned exit and when?

I have written an article about this on Linkedin:

Do you have a budget for funding? Do you have all documents and licenses and agreements in place and have you done a feasibility study? Do you have a PPA, off-take agreement in place for renewable energy projects?

Here is another article I wrote on Linkedin about the cost of funding:

Let me know when you are ready.

Contact me by using the Contact Us page on this website.


Mega Energy Funding Request
by: Mr. Reggie McLeod

Good morning Marc,

I have a prospective client who needs a $ 895M Energy Loan request.

Can you help?

Thank You !

Reggie McLeod
MCL Consultanting

by: Ferajog Mining Nigeria Limited

Hello Marc,
My company Ferajog Mining Nigeria Limited, we are down-to-earth miners located at the Benue Troughs, Nigeria.
Over the years, we have been working manually with the help of local manpower, and this has not been feasible due to the extent of work involved. We have about 5 mining pits containing barite mineral and recently we acquired a virgin land which have pure traces of Galena which is a great ore of lead.
Before the year 2015 ran out, there was an accident which hospitalized one of our esteemed worker, thankfully no life was lost although every life has been insured as directed by the Federal government. Now to prevent any further occurrences, we have decided as a body to go fully into mechanized mining, and this will cost us a lot hence we seek investment and partnership from interested investors, companies or individuals.
I will be grateful to provide any requested proposal, and documents etc as concerns our business field.

Samuel Mbanefo (Engr.)
+2348160435152, +2349058150268
(igweesammy at yahoo dot com)
Public Relations
Ferajog Mining Nigeria Limited

Small business loans
by: Marc

We can only arrange for small business loans in the USA.

International funding projects start at minimum $5 to $10 million.

For business finance you have to work with local banking or funding sources, or find angel investors.

You can always try our monthly mailing service to investors here:

Business Based Projects Loan
by: Mamis Ninesieng the

We Kerum Investment Limited Company of Papua New Guinea would like to seek out a loan for Business expansion to capitalise our business based projects in our country.

Thanks for your consideration to our request.

Mamis Ninesieng,
Kerum Investment Limited Company

by: brown ehinmowo

We are into transportation business in NIGERIA and we are looking for a partner that can provide us with a trailer and semi trailer to move finished products within the country.
Our company is 15 years old and still growing stronger, the trucks are needed to expand our business.
Hope to hear from you soon

Profitable transport business in north sudan
by: Mohammed

Hello Mr/Mrs,
This is mohammed bashir,entrepreneur from north sudan khartoum, i would like to start trucking business in north sudan, transport industry is very profitable and in demand more and more every single day, i'm seeking some startup debt/equity financing so i can start my business.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Kindest regards

loan for business about 100000$
by: hari shrestha

Hello sir I am from Nepal I want some loan for my business I have my own business named hansapota khadya store a complete provision store.I have LPG gas cylinder depot also.I have some loss in business because of earthquake in April 2015.I have in loss because of some I was now carefully with credit sell.please help me for loan that can make me to improve my business and get more profit.I will pay in time.please give the intrusion about your loan process and your interest rate for 10 to 15 years please help me I was waiting for your answer.

Application for fund
by: Titiati Eyram Bless

Dear sir/madam,

My name is Titiati Eyram Kwaku Bless, the C.E.O of TEK solutions Ghana. I am a young entrepreneur who plan making Ghana and Africa technologically inclined. Please I really need your help. You can contact me:

Need executive summary to qualify
by: Marc

We need to see a specific executive summary on your projects. Please send your information to

RE Projects in the Philippines
by: Anonymous

We are looking for an investor here in the Philippines for any type of Renewable Energy( Solar, Wind, Biomass and Hydro).

My client has a various Service Contract awarded from DOE.

How can you help us? What are your terms?


AP Manuyag

Send more information
by: Marc

Please send your executive summary to

Financing facility for a2500 unit housing in Srilanka
by: M.Subramaniam

I am the foreign funding manager of a housing development company in Srilanka with 10 yrs track record building and selling housing complexes,apartment complexes to purchasers on monthly instalment basis.Our company is having 02 ongoing projects of 1100 units ready for completion in may 2016.For the company's proposed 2500 housing complex, the land is purchased we need a start up capital of 30 per cent of the total cost by loan capital agaist security or a JV partnership on a profit sharing basis

100% funding
by: Harold

I have a real-estate project that is a Clarion Hotel And Restaurant. Seeking a loan to purchase the property

you may contact me at

by: Marc

Thanks for your comment.

Iran is on our radar screen, we have been looking to make investments and have talked to funding sources. The general sentiment is that it is still too early, especially for American investors. We are keeping a close on some renewable energy projects. Once our funding sources put the light on green we will be talking to our contacts in Iran.

We doubt that oil investments will be pursued any time soon. The situation with oil prices being extremely low because of over supply in the world makes the timing for oil investments unlikely.

Petroleum Project
by: Ali Gharedaghi

Dear Sir/Madam

We studied your comments concerning to funding in
International projects.
We need some American Companies to lend fund in our below mentioned Projects in Iran either as financier and/or joint-venture

Projects Names:

1-Petroleum Refinery
2-Capacity 300.000 Barrels per day

3-Funds need is estimated 5 Billion US$
If you are interested with our projects
Please inform us for further steps

Faithfully Yours

Ali Gharedaghi

by: subbaro


RAGHUVAMSI TECHNOLOGIES developed advanced new technology, it is named as iron ore pellitization.. Still it is not introduced in India for small medium and major sponge iron manufacturing industries. We are planning to set up 50 T.P.D Commercial production plant, its cost is 27 Cores, but we are not financially sound enough. We have applied for patent rights on JULY 2008, regarding this technology so many domestic and other country small scale sponge iron manufactures are contacting through mails and through phones. Lot of customers is interesting to utilize our technology, while before that they want to see the operation plant. If I set up 50 TPD plant i.e., both ways it is like to pellet plant as well as commercial production plant. If any one help for us financial loan of Rs 27. 0 Cores (Indian currency). I will set up the plant as early as possible (6.0 to 9.0months). After starting the commercial production we will start clearing ours loan immediately, other wise if want sponge iron material we will supply the material (just like barter system). Through this technology small, medium and major sponge iron manufacturing industries can use this iron ore power easily. Because of this technology sponge iron and steel manufactures can get lot of marzines / profits, the Indian Sponge Iron /DRI Economic growth turn over gone up to 5,00,000 Cores per annum.
This product (fines using) is burning problem of India and aboard for sponge iron and steel manufactures. This is unique technology;
I am waiting for your early response.
Thanking you,
E.Mail ID:
Ho.No.14-5-11. OPP.


Dear Sir,

Our organization, UNIWORLD INTERNATIONAL & Partners based in Abuja and Lagos, the biggest market in Africa with over 25 million consumers and
Lagos only and over 176 million in entire Nigeria, the most most
populous black people in the whole world

Nigeria is No.1 and the Biggest Economy and 20th
Biggest in the entire world.

We should be glad to cooperate, partner and offer to work with your
company as Nigerian Representative/JV Developer for International
Project Development and Construction of the following projects:(Infrastructure) Building, Communications, Infrastructure,Transportation,

Properties, Power, Oil & Gas, Mining Mass- housing, Hotel Resort, Buildings, Healthcare & Hospital, Port/Marine Roads, Water Projects, Agriculture, Renewable energy projects etc., International Funding for each projects are available from different sources for and with Private, Public, States and Federal Government on Cooperation, Partnership and Joint Venture (JV) Development platform & Construction of Projects in Nigeria

We should also be glad to work with your company as
Representative/partner in Nigeria

We look forward to hearing from you ASAP

Best Regards

+234 (706) 635 3876
+234 (0809) 904 5998
Skype: uniworld2000

joint venture
by: Edie

Sir, we are writing to request for joint venture partnership for mining projects of gold and platinum and another project of clear quartz.

These are lucrative businesses which don't need advertising. Both gold, platinum and quartz mines are small scale mines based in Zambia. We need a partner/s to provide machinery and operational capital.

Our email address is

With regards




Project Owner
by: Aip Sutira

Dear Sir,

I am indonesian , Enterpreneur , Now Urgent need Fund for :

1. Trading Coal usd 10 Million for 5 Years needed Dec 2015. ROI aboved 130% and BEP less than 1 years. I very Urgent need this fund .

2. Renewable Energy Projects, Integrated Biogas, Biodiesel and Wind Energy Projects , need fund USD 55 Million for 10 Years duration of Loan. ROI is aboved 120 % and BEP less than 2 Years .
Fund Needed on Jan 2016.

Pls for next Communicaton and my Executive Summary

rgds, Ap
Project Owner, West Java Indonesia

Looking for Loans and Joint Ventures for Mexico
by: Jose Guzman

We are looking for Loans or Joint Ventures for Commercial Projects as Real Estate, Industry, Gold Mining, Agriculture, Energy, Petroleum, Government, etc,in Mexico.

Range of Invests can be between US $ 1 M to US $3.5 B.

You can call anytime for information after 1 pm Mexico time.

Best Regards.

Jose Guzman.
Phone : +5281 1201 8515

This funding source...
by: Marc

This funding source has a minimum of $1Million. If you have the required paperwork available,send an executive summary to


Am a Ugandan from West Nile region of the country close to South Sudan and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo seeking for funding for a micro lending/real estate project as a start up.
Can we access funds for this project inform of debt/equity from you?
My email is
Tel- +256784644118.

by: Geetha Dubey

Dear Sir,

I am Mrs. Geetha Dubey in Mining from 1996 having a very good and big rare element Minerals based land in India and would like to join with other minining ad real estate people, having 35 years exp. own mining company, free hold minerals land, multiple projects in hand.

Please contact

by: Geetha Dubey

Dear Sir,
It is a good news, as per your requested documents,our Balance sheet will not helpful, because we have not taken any loan fromBank so far, hrdly done one or two transsction only, because Indian Banks are not coming to help real Mining compaines, they help established who ishaving sight l/c and city property.

In our case I am a women in Mining , people use to say this is Man handling job, but I got an interest in my starting it elf done shipping, stevedoring bulk sulpur, MOP, and stock and sales etc., in 1996 entered in to own mining purchased more than 200 acers of free hold minerlas based land and it was vergin , no any infra.

To day it is A Grade Mines in India, it became a very important minerals source with all per missions.

I met so far two type of people 1. Who id having money and want to buy the wholedeveloped projects in a easy way, 2. People who is showing interest to help and want to mediate with the BIG BULLs and want to get profit, the looser is actual owner.

I am getting lot offers like this, but I am not willing to sell this minerals deposit, and it is free hold land, total outcrop, Bed Type, 146m from Sea level, easy reach roads, water, 2 dams, ready Market, 65kms from sea port,82 kms from Air port.

It is a rare element minerals deposit which contains pot/soda/alkali feldspa/wusrtz/ musco vit book mica/vermiculite/garnet, china clay, beryel. nephlyine synite etc.,

Having mining lease up to 2050 and it is three times automatically renewable.

Side by side we can encash the land making ware houses , SEZ in the same land like 3 phases 1. Mining 2. Processing 3. Ware houses- IT IS CALLED MULTIPLE PROJECT -MINING=VALUE ADDITION-REALESATE AND CONSTRUCTION for not less than 500 years.
The only weak point from starting itself I could not get good auditors and I want to do honest biz due this my Balance sheet is not strong, but asset wise, minerals deposit, good will MGK mines is No.1 IN in India.

I will send some details to you by mail which will show the strength of MGK MINES INDIA.

Please consider to send some body to our Mines and office to inspect the actual. &

OR you can visit yahoo or google and type MGK MINES,TRADING, Geetha will find our details.

Face book, likendian, etc.,

Mobile 9841038155


Equity /Loan for Mining/Estate
by: Abraham Olumese

We do really appreciate the Services offer by NEPCO, INC and would want to partners with this great Company for the benefit of our MINING AND REAL ESTATE projects. We will be very willing to send Comprehensive documentations already done for the Mining of Copper, Lead, Silver, Iron Ore, and Zinc, on a 24 Kilometers mining field.
I will be grateful if an opportunity is created for us to Commerce processing.
Abraham Olumese
Skype abraham.olumese63

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